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(Photo Courtesy of Story Land)


I am so excited about our upcoming trip to Story Land this weekend! Not just because of all the great things there are to do there, and not just because we have been planning it for a few weeks now, but also because Story Land now has an Organic Selects menu! The new Organics Selects menu items all have USDA Organic Certification. 



(Photo Courtesy of Story Land)

The park has been a family destination for sixty years and continues to keep families’ needs as its number one priority in all decision making. From attractions, to shows, and now even dining options, Story Land aims to set the bar high for a memorable theme park experience.

 Families are exactly who they had in mind when the park decided to expand its quality dining options this summer to include a new line of Organic Selects. Story Land is host to thousands of parents with young children every summer and the park feels it’s important to provide dining options that include wholesome alternatives such as organic chicken tenders, hamburgers, and salads made with premium quality ingredients. The park will also begin offering more nutritious snack items in addition to classic theme park treats. This summer guests will see organic granola bars, yogurt, and apple juice, all made with natural ingredients, offered as sides to kid’s meals and as al a carte items.

For more information and full list of items offered on the Organic Selects menu at Story Land, visit: The Story Land Website

By entering the Promo Code slblog14 You will get $3.00 off of the $30.99 General Admission price via Story Land’s online site.

You can utilize this special Promo Code by going to Story Land’s website and in the top right corner is where you can input the code.

See image below.

promo code place

(Photo Courtesy of Story Land)

You can connect with Story Land on: website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

I hope you will join me in visiting Story Land for their 2014 Season which is sure to be a BLAST!

Feel free to share the Promo Code with your friends and loved ones, why not make it a family reunion trip!

So tell me, who will you be going with?



  1. Preeti

    The promo code dosent work !!!!!

    1. Silvie (Post author)

      Hi Preeti, Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. When you click on the link for Story Land’s website. It has to be done from a desktop, I’m not sure why it doesn’t work from a mobile phone. after the link opens up you will see a bright yellow bar at the top right hand of the page as you can see in the picture above it will say tickets & passes, Lodging, Cart (0) and then there will be a white box with the words promo code inside it. you simply enter the code: SLBLOG14 and hit enter. that will open a pop up that will say “Story Land 2014 Coupon Day Pass” and will show the general admission price of $27 instead of $30. Please feel free to let me know if you have any more questions. you can also email me at Thanks again.

  2. rocky

    I will check this out thanks for sharing..


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