Ellore Femme Make Up Brush Kit

efsku_h680401_2If you’re like me, then you like makeup. I don’t just like any makeup. I like makeup that looks flawless, and natural. Over the years I’ve learned that you don’t just need good makeup.  You need the proper equipment to help you achieve that flawless, and natural look.  In other words, you need great makeup brushes.

The Ellore Femme 24 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set with Travel Case provides you with specific tools cover a wide range of areas! From eyes to lips to second foreheads and boast a luxurious blend of soft animal hair and synthetic bristles. The slim brushes stay neatly lined within a fold-up PVC case.

These 24 professional makeup brushes are designed for foundation, blush, eyeshadow, and more.  The bristles made from natural animal hair and synthetic fibers. All fit perfectly and neatly in their Fold-up leather case for easy transport
Dimensions: 9.85″ (L) x 4.9″ (W) x 1.9″ (H)


What you’ll receive in the kit is:

Bevel eyebrow/eyeliner brush
Concealer brush
Eyebrow and eyelash comb
Eyelash brush
Eye-shadow brush
Fine eyeliner brush
Foundation brush
Highlight brush
Large bevel contour brush
Large eye-shadow brush
Large powder brush
Lip brush
Medium bevel eyebrow/eye shadow
Medium bevel eye-shadow brush
Nose-shadow brush
One large fan-shaped extra-powder brush
Powder and blush brush
Small bevel eyebrow/eye shadow brush
Small fan-shaped extra-powder brush
Sponge eye-shadow brush
Two medium eye-shadow brushes
Two small eye-shadow brushes
Roll-up leather case


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Regular Price: US $149.99
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Bring out your inner beauty,


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