The Animal Alphabet Singers App Review

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  I received the app for free in exchange for writing an honest review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are 100% my own. I will always only share with my readers reviews or products that I myself or my family uses. Or products that I know will be beneficial or of interest to my readers.

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As you all have previously read my little Matias is a huge techie. He loves to play on the iPad Mini we have. Because of the amount of time he likes to spend playing I like to make sure his choices of apps to play are educational. The Animal Alphabet Singers is an app that will be available for all iOS platforms beginning December 10th on the iTunes App Store.  It’s a fully interactive app geared toward children ages 2-6. Matias being 2 I thought this would be a perfect pick. I wasn’t mistaken! Matias absolutely loves playing this app. I like the fact that he is learning his alphabet and animals as he goes along. The Animal Alphabet Singers uses a mix of great animation, music, adaptive visual and audio hints, and a silly crew of 26 animal characters to help children master the alphabet. This app makes learning easy, and enjoyable.


The Animal Alphabet Singers features four games:


Meet the Letters – Which teaches the letters of the alphabet and when the child taps on the letter they hear the name of the letter and then is shown the animal that is associated with the letter and the name of the animal. Matias really liked that all the letters are there, and after you tap them they turn into the animal.


Meet The Animals – Which is Matias’ favorite game. It has the alphabet that you scroll through and when you stop on a letter It introduces the animal that goes with the letter. Almost the same as Meet the Letters, but what really hooked Matias was that the animals talk. For example (This is Matias’ absolute favorite) when you scroll to the letter “P” you see a pig and the pig says “Pig starts with P. And I am a pig.” he then oinks. If you tap the pig again, you see the pig playing in the mud and oinking happily.


The Animal Alphabet Singers – Which is my favorite, because you see the entire group of animals each representing a letter. The entire alphabet is shown below the group of animals, and when you tap on a letter the corresponding animal sings the letter. If that wasn’t cute enough, When you tap the music note in the corner the entire alphabet song is sung by the animals.


Guess the Animals and Letters –  This one is Matias’ second favorite. It shows you one of the 26 animals in the app, and four letters. Then Matias has to pick which letter belongs to that animal. He’s getting really good at this game.


Here’s Matias getting ready to play and then playing 🙂

image            image


All in all I don’t think I’ll be getting my iPad back for a while :). This is definitely an app that I would recommend any parent get for their little one.






The Animal Alphabet Singers is an app by Think smart here’s a little about them:

The company’s mission is to successfully merge entertainment, education and technology by creating and offering games that provide enriching experiences that build reading, vocabulary, math, and logical thinking skills.

This app also features the collaboration of:

Christopher Cerf:

Christopher Cerf has been a key creative force behind Sesame Street since its first season on public television, most notably as a regular contributor of music and lyrics, for which he has won two Grammy and three Emmy Awards. Cerf was also involved in the founding of Sesame Workshop’s books, records, and toys divisions where he served as the original editor-in-chief. In 2000, Cerf and his company Sirius Thinking, Ltd., debuted the highly acclaimed daily early childhood literacy series Between the Lions, which recently completed its tenth broadcast season PBS, and has received two Television Critics’ Award for Outstanding Children’s TV Program and 10 Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Preschool Show and Best Writing in a Children’s Series. A graduate of Harvard University, Cerf is currently a member of the board of directors of Reading Is Fundamental, First Book and the We Are Family Foundation. In 2010, he received the Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize for his unique contributions to American education.


 Dr. Marilyn Jager Adams:

Dr. Marilyn Jager Adams received a Ph.D from Brown University for cognitive psychology and developmental psychology and is internationally regarded for her research and applied work in the area of cognition and education.  Dr. Adams has contributed her knowledge and expertise to the field of education as part of the development of several classroom learning programs including Scholastic Inc.’s System 44 and iRead; and Open Court Publishing Company’s Collections for Young Scholars.  Dr. Adams’s work also includes the landmark book, Beginning to Read: Thinking and Learning About Print and she was chosen as one of the most influential people in the national reading policy arena in the Politics of Education Yearbook.  Dr. Adams is Senior Literacy Advisor for Instruction for PBS’s “Between the Lions,” as well as senior author of “Fox in a Box,” an award-winning, standards-based literacy assessment kit. She is currently a Visiting Professor in the Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences Department at Brown University, and Adjunct Professor at Stavanger College, Norway.




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