Bye Bye Boogeyman



This is a magical story of a little girl named Leanne and the boogeyman that lives under her bed.

Leanne is determined to no longer be afraid and puts up a hilarious fight. She does all sorts of funny things to the boogeyman. My boys loved the pay where she paints his toe nails. And my favorite part is of when Leanne puts bows in his hair.


She literally makes the boogeyman beg to be let go. It is a wonderfully written magical tale that will give courage and teach that you can win over your fears.

At the end of the book it even gives you the recipe to make your own bottle of Magical Monster Mist! It’s definitely a story that every child should hear or read.


  1. KiteReaders

    Thank you so much for taking the time to review out title Silvie!

    1. Silvie

      You’re welcome, It’s a wonderful story!


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