Oransi Fridge Air Purifier



When I received the Oransi Fridge Air Purifier for review. I opened the box, I was a little confused I was expecting a bigger size gadget, and it only came with a piece of paper as far as instructions. I was pleasantly surprised with the size, and the instructions,  I expected a leaflet. But no, there was just a piece of paper with simple instructions on how to turn it on. Yup that’s it, you add two AA batteries and push a button and it’s on. There was no assembly required and no other complicated thing I had to do. Honestly the only thing that was hard was thinking where to place it in my fridge :).



I already had a box of baking soda in the fridge and it’s suppose to do the same thing. I guess the real question was, did I really need something like this. Well…I’m a huge mushroom fanatic. I love those veggies on EVERYTHING! The Oransi Fridge Air Purifier turns out, kept my mushrooms fresher longer than usual, as did other veggies. Since I had baking soda in the fridge, smell was never an issue, so I could not tell if the purifier actually got rid of odor. So that night I cut up an onion and placed a little bit in a small bowl and placed it in my fridge, and closed the door. Honestly I had a tough time sleeping…I kept thinking about the onion smell. When I got up the next day to make breakfast I was shocked that when I opened the fridge…It didn’t smell! That’s all it took to get me hooked on this adorable little gadget!

Here are a few of my favorite features:

  • It does not produce ozone
  • It’s compact size that easily fits anywhere in the fridge
  • It’s user-friendly
  • It cycles on and of automatically to save battery life
  • My absolute favorite it helps keep produce fresh for just a bit longer

Visit the Oransi website to find more information about the fridge air purifier and other great products. Don’t forget to connect with Oransi on FacebookTwitterPinterest.


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