Faux Paw by Julia Dweck

faux paw

Author Julia Dweck has certainly done it again with this wonderful story! I had the pleasure of reading Faux Paw to my boys and it was loved by us all.

Faux Paw is the wonderful story of Waldon Bear, a little boy who wants to be a bear. And a mother’s love and encouragement to her son. Her inspirational lesson that her little boy can be whatever he wants to be including a “bear”. Is a lesson that all of us mothers instill in our children. Waldon’s teacher Mrs. Hunter tries to convince Waldon that ““Human children grow up to be human adults, not animals!” But Waldon thankfully refuses to listen.

I especially loved how the mom dresses up as a bear as well to show her son that she is willing to support him no matter what he chooses to become. This story was specially dear to me because this is a lesson that I teach my boys everyday. I always tell them that with determination they can become whatever they choose in life, and it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. It was wonderful to me that my oldest son said to me at the end of the book…”Mommy, you are right! We CAN be anything we want.”

The illustrations in this story are wonderful and colorful, It definitely kept the attention of my little niece who is 1.

The encouragement that the mommy in this story shows her son is truly inspiring. Faux Paw is definitely a book that every family should read.

Faux Paw by Julia Dweck will be available on Amazon tomorrow 10/22/13. Be sure to reserve your copy today.

About the Author:

juliadweckJulia Dweck writes children’s stories for digital and traditional publication. Her stories span the spectrum of humor, fantasy, and edutainment in rhyme and in prose.  Julia’s background in elementary education affords her the opportunity to be in touch with what children want to read and what makes them giggle. She’s collaborated with leading artists in the world of children’s literature to produce over 20 Amazon eBooks. In her spare time, Julia is a designer of educational adjuncts for children’s literature, and has worked with such notable publishing houses as Penguin Young Readers. She presented at the 2011 National Center for Family Literacy for her creative use of technology in the classroom. ~ from Amazon Biography

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  1. katherine biasbas (curiosa kat)

    the artwork looks so cute. reminds me dennis the menace. must be the freckles. 🙂

    1. Silvie

      Thanks Kat,
      I loved the illustrations. Thanks for stopping by and commenting
      Silvie 🙂

  2. Busy Mom Monologues (@bsymommonologue)

    Good Luck! I love children books.


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