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This past October as a part of US Family Guide’s Corn Maze and Fall Festivals deals, my family was invited to visit Confreda Greenhouses and Farms. When we arrived we were greeted by friendly staff who pointed us in the direction of the ample parking area. We then headed over to the admission area. The employees were all friendly and knowledgeable of the farm and all it offers.  We started our visit by taking one of seven tractor hay rides to the corn maze.


The carts were very comfortable with wooden benches for seating instead of the hay bales that we usually see. I know that hay bales are traditional, however I must admit I really liked this type of seating better.  20131013_125506

The hay ride took us through he farm and their beautiful farm grounds.

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We arrived at the corn maze and were very excited. We have been to a lot of mazes, usually made from hay bales or burlap. This was our very first corn maze.  They had a really fun game called Maze-o-poly where they give you a gameboard and as your going through the maze you find posts with the matching pictures and punch a hole in your gameboard. You win by getting a high amount of “money” to become the Farmer of the year! My boys had tons of fun!


In the corn maze it was amazing! We enjoyed walking through the stalks that were so much taller than we are.

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They also had a pumpkin patch with a great selection of sizes and shapes. We were able to get amazing pictures.

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Then we took another hay ride back to where the greenhouses are and where they had lots of things for the kids to enjoy.

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My boys’ favorite things were the Frankenstein Jumping castle with a maze of it’s own within, and the huge slide!

There was music, carnival games and rides. We also visited the greenhouses that had flowers, pumpkins, and lots of fall decorations. Here are just a few of my favorites.

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They have a cute store that offers local grown vegetables! For Thanksgiving they are going to be open from 8am to Noon, and are offering fresh turkeys!! They have a loyalty program, Loyalty cards are valid to purchase items in the Farmers Market or Garden Center. It’s a great way to save on everything you need at Confreda’s!

Here’s how it works: Purchase a prepaid card in the Farmers Market. You can load the card with any amount. You’ll get 10% additional value reward for any prepaid dollar amount up to $99. Prepaid cards for $100 and over will receive 15% additional dollar value reward. When you use your loyalty card, it’s like the whole store is on sale!

They have a bakery cafe where you can find fantastic fall flavors and their new gourmet menu is full of mouth watering sandwiches, salads, soups, gelato, and light entrees. Indulge your sweet tooth with their bakery items, showcasing produce straight from Confreda’s backyards! We bought a delicious peach pie!


It was the best we’ve ever had!

One of the things that I love about Confreda’s is that you can shop online. So don’t worry if your not from Rhode Island they ship to the 48 contiguous states. And they even accept Paypal!

Make sure to visit Confreda Greenhouses and Farms on their website to see all they offer including great recipes! And follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

I sincerely hope that you will take a visit either online or in person to Confreda and try any of their wonderful things!

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