My Yellow Umbrella



Today I had the pleasure of reading a wonderful story to my boys.

  My Yellow Umbrella is the story of an imaginative little girl. A little girl who can conquer the world with her yellow umbrella.  This is a story that I know everyone can relate to.  Who hasn’t had that 1 thing that was so precious to us during our childhood, that 1 thing that gave us comfort, strength, and happiness? Some of us are even lucky enough to still have our “yellow umbrella” to help us with our day. 

The pictures in this story are colorful and soothing.  My boys absolutely loved this story.  And for me it’s one of the most adorable and inspiring stories I’ve had the privilege of reading.

After listening to this story, my boys drew pictures of everything they could do with their yellow umbrella.  And my 6 year old asked me if I could get one for him.  My oldest who’s 8 wants me to share this story with his class, because he says it’s important to him that his classmates know how wonderful it is. And he drew and cut out little yellow umbrellas to give to each of his classmates. 

It’s a fantastic story regardless of how old you are.  Every home should have this wonderful story be a part of their library. 

My Yellow Umbrella is available NOW on Amazon. click to get your copy.

About the author:


Chris Robertson is just a big kid at heart who happens to write and draw Children’s Picture Books. His most recent book is “My Yellow Umbrella”. Although Chris doesn’t own a yellow umbrella, that didn’t stop him from creating a book about one!

Chris’s other books include the Amazon’s Best Seller, “I’ll Trade My Peanut-Butter Sandwich”, “Little Miss Liberty”, “Kit and Kaboodle”, “The Tooth That’s on the Loose!” and “Pandora’s Box” with Julia Dweck. Chris’s whimsical cartoon style feels light-hearted and carefree which seems to perfectly match his humorous writing style.

Chris lives in Pasadena with his wife and three boys, all of whom do not own a yellow umbrella either. From Amazon Biography.

Keep in touch with Chris by visiting his website, Facebook, and Twitter.


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