CARD is the prepaid debit card that’s fun to use.






wpid-IMG_20130914_102915.jpgcard1 prepaid debit card is a prepaid re-loadable card that is from The Card Corporation, and is issued by the Bank Corp Bank.  Even though

prepaid cards do not help you rebuild or improve your credit score, I think that they are a good idea for people who have bad or no credit but want to have a little more financial convenience without having to carry lots of cash around wherever they go. Even if you don’t have a bank account, you don’t have to worry as this prepaid card does not require you to have a bank account.  Here is my detailed review of this card so that you’ll have a better idea of its pros and cons.

Things I like about this card:

This card is accepted worldwide. As a VISA card, you can be rest assured that this prepaid card is accepted virtually everywhere VISA cards are accepted.

So many free ways to add money to your card. 

○ direct deposit: They’ll waive the $5.95 monthly fee if you deposit your paycheck or government benefits of $800 or more per month in the prior 30 days!

○ Bank Transfers: Add money from virtually any U.S.-issued bank account. If you have a checking or savings account or a bank debit card, use it to add money to your account.

○ PayPal: Use PayPal to add money to your Card for free. Transferring funds to a prepaid Card is free when you use PayPal.

○ Card-to-Card: Transfer Money between accounts.

○ Tax Refunds: Tell the IRS to electronically deposit your refund directly to your Card account! 

Enjoy fraud protection. 

 All transactions are fully FDIC insured through The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC. They are also protected with Visa’s zero liability policy*, and are PCI Certified for data security and privacy. You receive the same level of international security as you would get with a branch bank.

*The Visa Zero Liability policy covers U.S.-issued cards only and does not apply to ATM transactions, PIN transactions not processed by Visa, or certain commercial card transactions. Cardholder must notify issuer promptly of any unauthorized use. 

No over-the-limit fee. Since you can only spend the money you have loaded in the card beforehand, you won’t be able to go over the limit in your spending or have to pay any overdraft fees.

Picture deposit and money in minutes: With an additional app you can load your card just by taking a couple of pictures of a check issued to you. And by paying a minimal fee you can have you money available on your card in minutes! 

Reflects your unique style. With 100’s of styles in their gallery, it won’t be hard to find one that fits you!

My Least Favorite Thing About This Card:

Doesn’t help you rebuild your credit and does not report to the credit bureaus. Since this is a prepaid card, it does not report to any of the credit bureaus.

My Verdict: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆     5/5 Stars

 If you’re looking for a prepaid card with no enrollment fee, and doesn’t charge any activation fee, the Prepaid Visa is an excellent choice of card to get. This is a card that has close to no fees when using it. You won’t have to pay any overdraft fees, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits VISA offers to all its customers, such as great customer service, purchase protection,  and more.

This card is excellent for people who want a card to make their purchases and learn about financial responsibility, without it affecting their credit score.

I absolutely love the convenience and flexibility my Prepaid Debit Card offers me!


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