Third Day of Autumn

It’s the third day of Autumn, yet it still manages to feel like summer during the day. Which creates in me, the question of “How should I dress the boys today?”.   I fall into this trap every year.  

It’s chilly in the morning, and if the sun is out it will warm up during the day.   But somehow I always seem to forget this happens.  So in September, my boys think I am losing my mind. They will say to me when they come home “Mom, I was the only one at school today in long sleeves, and I had gym!” The poor little guys.    So now – I just send them in with a sweatshirt and they can figure it out for themselves. 

Autumn is my favorite season!  All the leaves start changing into the beautiful reds, yellows, and orange colors.  It’s truly amazing! 


I love how pumpkins are everywhere. Starting with my coffee. This time of the year you can find pumpkins in muffins, bread, donuts, spiced tea, the list could go on and on.  It’s time for apple picking, apple cider, hot, or cold. 

And let’s not forget the fall festivals! Is a family tradition that we take part in every year.  With the hay rides, and the goodies like apple pies, and apple donuts. My boys love the face painting, and the corn or burlap mazes. Find a fall festival near you and start a new family tradition.

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