Boogie Wipes Review.


In a house with three boys, the cold and flu season can last all winter long.  Usually as soon as one kid gets over his cold, the next one starts with his. And so the vicious circle of germs keeps going round and round.

It’s around this

time of the year that I start dreading the chasing of the stuffed or runny noses.  That’s why I was super excited to try Boogie Wipes!

These mom invented saline wipes are gentle, because they have vitamin E. And unlike baby wipes Boogie Wipes don’t contain alcohol, which helps avoid that painful raw nose.  The saline helps dissolve boogies (mucus) caused by the common cold, allergies, or any other booger filled kid moment.

You can get them in great smelling scents like Grape, Fresh Scent, Magic Menthol (great for those extra stuffy noses), Boogieberry, and Simply Unscented.  They are extra soft and come in 10, 30, and 45ct packs that are the perfect size for your purse or diaper bag . You can see in this picture is the same length as a pen.


And come in a wonderful 90 ct canister too. They also have an amazing Teacher’s Kit that includes an educational “Save the Sleeve” poster, 1 Grape 90 ct canister, 1 Grape 30 ct pack, 1 Fresh Scent 90ct canister, 1 Fresh Scent 30 ct pack, 50 sample individual wrapped wipes, and 50 coupons.  It would make a wonderful teacher appreciation gift!

My boys love using them, which means no more running after them to blow their noses.

As a mom and business mogul Julie Pickens Co-founder and CEO of Boogie Wipes encourages moms to embrace their strengths in the Business of Being a Mom™ a blog which guides them in their journey as entrepreneurs.


Visit their website and you’ll find fun “Booger Facts” which the boys and I loved reading and learning! Did you know that a sneeze can travel up too 100 miles per hour?  That’s faster than a school bus! Yuck!!! 🙂 Join the Boogie Bunch and you’ll get samples and coupons.

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