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As a mom of three boys who prefer fruits over vegetables I was excited when I found out about Copy-Kids.  Copy-Kids is a tool for parents and educators to help them with getting kids to eat fruits and vegetables. The main concept behind the Copy-Kids DVD is that young children learn best from children. In other words they love to copy what they see other kids doing! I definitely agree with this! That’s the main reason that kids will try foods at school or at a friend’s house that they wouldn’t even think about trying at home. So if you want your little ones to be open to exploring new fruits and veggies it makes sense to have them watch other kids eating and enjoying fruits and veggies! 


The DVD is $19.95 and features Twelve 7 minute chapters, one for each of these twelve colorful fruits & vegetables:

bell pepper   bananas   oranges   strawberries   carrots  avocados   

apples  tomatoes  broccoli   raspberries  cucumber   blueberries

You can pick which fruit or vegetable chapter you’d like your child to watch based on what foods you’d like them to try or learn to enjoy more.  Make sure that you have that fruit or vegetable ready for them to eat because that is the magic of this DVD they WILL want to eat along with the kids in the movie! It’s so fantastic to watch the kids in this DVD as they eat, explore and play with the food they are eating. I think it’s so important to let little ones get to know the food they are eating…even if it means that things get messy!

When the boys were watching this DVD they got to see the kids really interacting with and having fun with their food and that is such a great model for them. All the kids in this DVD are adorable and each has their own personality. Also they clearly enjoy eating their fruits and vegetables.  And that is why this video works! When your kids see other kids having a great time eating fruits and vegetables it sets a positive picture in their mind about what it’s like to eat fruits and vegetables. 

I watched this DVD with all three of the boys Diego who is 8 and Aaron who is 6 are both past the target age group of 6 months – 5 year olds and it still worked on them! My 2 year old Matias was drawn to the kinds on the DVD that I think he didn’t even blink hahaha. I had a little of each fruit and veggie ready on trays for them and I was happy to see that they tried each item. Diego and Aaron didn’t like all of them but at least they tried! Creating that willingness to try is a big part of preventing picky eating! Haven’t you noticed that often kids will say they don’t like something and they haven’t even tried it. They’ve just decided they won’t like it and when that happens it makes it much more challenging to set healthy habits! Having this DVD on hand would be helpful in encouraging your kids to keep trying!

I can’t recommend this DVD enough, I’ve told all my friends about it and I’m sharing what I think with you. This is one of those DVD’s that every home with kids should have. 

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