Last Chance. .. Enter Now


There are only 5 days left until the drawing! 

I’m so excited, to be doing this giveaway as a Thank You to all my wonderful readers and amazing followers!

I will be picking the two winners of the the two Starbucks Gift Cards via Rafflecopter.

If you haven’t entered there’s still time. Just click on the Starbucks Gift Card on the side bar  and it will take you to the entry page.  Make sure to follow this blog and my Facebook Page, Pinterest and Twitter for more giveaways that will be coming soon!!


  1. Cindy H

    ooooo! What doesnt make me smile at Starbucks! I love Iced Tazo Chai Soy Lattes!

  2. Linda Bradshaw

    I have never been to starbucks, yes that is right! I have not been. I always give my sister starbucks stuff. I would love to win her some starbucks stuff.

  3. Samantha D.

    Starbucks makes me smile after a long hot day and I go in to get a cold refreshing caramel frappuccino. It makes a long day much better.

    1. Silvie

      Yes it definitely makes it better. 😉


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