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Release: 90 Days to Embrace God's Plans for Your Life #MySillyLittleGang

Lately, I have been asking myself what may be God’s plan for my life. If you have ever asked yourself this question. You need to take a look at Release: 90 Days to Embrace God’s Plans for Your Life. This is a daily devotional ideal for women seeking fulfillment and purpose.

Release: 90 Days to Embrace God's Plans for Your Life #MySillyLittleGang

Book Feature ~ Release: 90 Days to Embrace God’s Plans for Your Life

Do you ever ask God, ”Is this really what you want me to do?”

If so, You’re not alone! When we don’t see God’s plan playing out, especially when we think it should. We start to doubt that we are in the right place. During the boredom, the tedious tasks, and discomfort, we begin to question God’s purpose for us, fantasizing about the opportunities we think we should have taken and eyeing the paths that still appear far more rewarding.

Release: 90 Days to Embrace God’s Plan for Your Life is a daily devotional designed to help you live by faith, not by sight. God’s dreams for us are bigger than ours, and His ways are above our ways. In this devotion book, you’ll discover how to embrace God’s perfect purpose for your life and the great joy that’s waiting for you there. It’s time to exchange your plan for God’s plan and experience the true freedom that comes from giving it all to God!

Release: 90 Days to Embrace God’s Plan for Your Life is available on Amazon and from your favorite bookseller.

Release: 90 Days to Embrace God's Plans for Your Life #MySillyLittleGang

About the Book

Daily Devotional Ideal for Women Seeking Fulfillment and Purpose

It’s no secret that juggling marriage, motherhood, and work can get monotonous, leading some women to wonder where they veered off course. Social entrepreneur and businesswoman Bridgette Reed has been there.

“When we don’t see God’s plan playing out, especially when we think it should, we start to doubt that we are in the right place,” she said.

Reed admits she saw visions of herself in a floating prison cell before shifting her profession and priorities to make herself more available to her children and husband.

“Coming home for me required me to let go of all my plans, my career pursuits, my goals I had created all on my own,” Reed said. “I laid down my five-year plan and embraced the vulnerability and uncertainty. I came home and went on a journey of walking with God.”

In Release: 90 Days to Embrace God’s Plans for Your Life, Reed shares through carefully chosen scriptures paired with personal anecdotes and prayers her process of releasing herself from artificial constructs and trusting God’s plan for her life.

Ideal for Christian women, moms, wives, students, small business owners, and anyone questioning their purpose in life, Release provides daily, spiritual encouragement to help readers live by faith, not by sight.

Bridgette Reed

About the Author

As a marriage and family therapist intern, Reed shares her faith journey through her blog, podcast, social media pages, and the community of Blooming In Process. It is through her close walk with God that she learned what it really means to “find your life” by losing it. It is through this journey that God is using her to spread joy and encouragement. Reed calls Release “the adventure of a lifetime in her words.”

As an author, her book Bold, Fierce & Transformed has been featured on FOX Good Day, ABC Good Morning Texas, and a host of other radio, television, and print media. She is also a sought-after speaker in the areas of modern motherhood, marriage and relationship coaching, social media brand influencing, social media strategy, and e-commerce, and believes her target audience is mothers seeking multiple passive income streams, so they have more time to spend with their families. Her goal is to see marriages and families whole and healed in all areas.

“I got out of the clouds; out of the big goal of being global or worldwide and came down to the very intimate level of the home,” Reed added. “The everyday decisions we make and the people we see every day — that is where I want to empower.”

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