Pamper Your Skin With This Wild Durian Fruit Peel @purattitude

Pamper Your Skin With This Wild Durian Fruit Peel

Pamper Your Skin With This Wild Durian Fruit Peel

Pamper Your Skin With This Wild Durian Fruit Peel

I love using serums on my face. It’s something about how soft and smooth my skin feels after using them that I love. If you want to pamper your skin, you should take a look at this Wild Durian Fruit Peel from PUR attitude™. Let me tell you more about it.

Pamper Your Skin With This Wild Durian Fruit Peel

PUR attitude™ brand Wild Durian Fruit Peel is clinically proven to visibly even out skin tones, wipe away fine lines, and restore vitality and brightness for more youthful looking skin. Due to the activation of rare wild durian fruit from Southeast Asia, known for its pungent aroma and revered for its advanced anti-aging properties, this product is able to produce powerful results on the skin without irritation.

Wild Durian Fruit Peel is enhanced with the power of natural Hyaluronix™technology, which delivers up to one thousand times its weight in water, binding moisture deeply into the skin. These natural ingredients are combined with pure glucosamine and ceramides, as well as extracts of orange, apple, and green tea to detoxify impurities, exfoliate lifeless skin, and unclog pores.

Each product in the PUR attitude line is dermatologist tested and approved, backed by independent clinical studies, and follows the brand’s philosophy of Safe Beauty, avoiding harsh chemicals, parabens, PEG’s, glycols, sulfates, petro-chemicals, synthetic fragrances and artificial dyes.

Wild Durian Fruit Peel is available in 1 fl oz at a retail price of $75. (This is approximately a six-week supply, when used twice daily). For more information or to purchase click here.

Product Description

Our natural cell renewal process slows with age, leaving skin looking dull and aged. By combining an anti-aging secret from Southeast Asia with an advanced delivery system, our Wild Durian Fruit Peel detoxifies impurities and significantly accelerates cellular renewal by gently dissolving the bond that holds dead skin cells on the surface, ultimately re-texturizing and resurfacing the skin.

The result is a significantly smoother, revitalized, more radiant complexion without irritation. Clinically proven to visibly even out skin tone, wipe away fine lines and restore vitality and brightness for a more youthful looking skin.

Accelerates the cell renewal process and detoxifies impurities, revitalizing, re-texturing and re-surfacing skin.

In a 28-day consumer study:

  • 88% reported minimized pores
  • 94% reported improved skin smoothness
  • 96% reported improved skin radiance
  • 100% reported gentle, non-irritating

Pamper Your Skin With This Wild Durian Fruit Peel

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  1. larescoe

    This definitely sounds like an amazing peel! I have dry skin so most make it worse, I love that is one is made with durian fruit which is so moisturizing!

  2. Lynne B

    I love learning about new skincare products. I’ve never read about the benefits of durian fruit. Thanks!

  3. Tamra Phelps

    I love trying new skin care products like this. I love scrubs, moisturizers and peels or masks. And my skin needs it, lol.


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