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Top It Off – Eco Friendly – Wine Stoppers


These are the perfect wine stoppers. For starters I really like that they come in a 4 pack. They are funny and are a real conversation piece. They also add a special touch when giving a wine bottle as a gift. They are so easy to use, just remove the cork & to reseal the bottle just place these adorable wine stoppers and your wine is air tight. I have even placed the wine bottle on its side and even upside down without having it leak. These are great!

You can get these Top It Off – Eco Friendly – Wine Stoppers on Amazon.

Product Description

The Wine Lover’s Dilemma *

It’s a problem every wine aficionado has. You sit down after a long day to enjoy a glass or two of your favorite red or white. After you have satisfied your thirst you realize you still have a great bottle of wine that’s half finished. Instead of savoring it for the next occasion you’re now worried…

How am I going to reseal the bottle of wine?Will the bottle leak if I place it on its side on the wine rack?Am I going to get pieces of cork in my wine?

This is no longer an issue since we created the MindBody Active Wine Stoppers. Now instead of being frustrated when you have a half finished bottle, you can feel relief, using our wine caps to seal in the full taste of your wine. Once you remove the cork & re-seal the bottle with the our wine stoppers, your wine is air tight & the bottle can rest on its side or even upside down without leaking. Best of all, our custom bottle caps are reusable. In fact they’re designed to resemble the old wine bungs used to seal wine barrels during the winemaking process in France in the 1800’s. The set of wine toppers comes with 4 wine sealers with a unique design on each cap to bring a smile to your face.

– Air-tight Seal
– Leak Proof
– Eco Friendly
– Reusable
– Easy to Use
– Great Gift Idea
– Fun

At MindBody Active our goal is to help you live an active, healthy & environmentally clean lifestyle by creating products that do the same!

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