Plastic Wine Glasses Review #cellarselect


Cellar Select Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses


I couldn’t wait to get these stemless shatterproof glasses because they look so beautiful in the pictures.  When they arrived they were very well packaged.  I was a little concerned because the box the came in was dented on one corner. However when I opened it and inspected the glasses they were intact.  


They are in fact very pretty and have a nice round shape perfect for red wine.  They are little bigger than other ones I have, which is nice.  The glasses do however have a seam that goes from the top of the glass all the way across the bottom.  It doesn’t affect the functionality of the glasses.  It also doesn’t affect the way the glasses stand.  And it doesn’t bother me, but I did want to mention it.  So if your looking for a glass that has a seamless look to it,  this isn’t it.  Otherwise these are prefect.  They get the job done and look great!

You can get yourself a set on Amazon.

Product Description

Cellar Select’s stemless wine glasses are designed to withstand the mishaps of everyday life. Whether boating, BBQ’ing, camping, or just relaxing, our 100% Tritan plastic design has you covered. Designed to be functional yet elegant, our BPA free plastic design is reusable, shatterproof, and (unlike other plastic wine glasses) dishwasher safe (top rack only). With a 16 oz capacity, our glasses are perfect for anything from an expensive bottle of your favorite wine to a cold glass of sparking water. Note: While our glasses are typically dishwasher safe, some dishwashers’ temperatures vary. Please test one glass in your dishwasher before washing an entire set. If they are not right for your dishwasher, a replacement will be sent as soon as possible.

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