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Citrus Zinger Biggie Review #citruszinger

Citrus Zinger Biggie You guys already know how much I love fruit infused water. Adding lemon or grapefruit to my water has never been easier thanks to the Citrus Zinger Biggie from Zing Anything. I really like how easy it is…
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Eating Healthy with Fresh N’ Lean @freshnlean #freshnlean

Fresh N’ Lean A Delicious & Healthy Meal Service As a busy mother of 3 boys I am always sacrificing nutrition when it comes to my meals. It’s easy to keep my boys well fed but between everything I have…
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The Power of Your Metabolism Book Review #relaxslim

The Power of Your Metabolism   You guys know about how I have always been dealing with my weight. And now that I’m past the 35 year mark I’ve realized that my metabolism has slowed down significantly. So I’m always…
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Air Bar Exercises Dvd, Volume 1 Review #abxdvd

Erin Buchanan’s Air Bar Exercises DVD gets you moving & burning calories I am always on the look out for new ways to exercise in order to spice up my routine. So I was super excited to review Erin Buchanan’s Air Bar Exercises…
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