Zen Rohatsu by Nora D’Ecclesis

Zen Rohatsu by Nora D’Ecclesis

Are you looking to unplug and incorporate meditation organically into your daily life? If so, check out the book Zen Rohatsu by Nora D’Ecclesis. Keep reading to find out more about it.

Zen Rohatsu by Nora D’Ecclesis

Book Feature: Zen Rohatsu by Nora D’Ecclesis

You may be aware that there’s no shortage of meditation and mindfulness apps on the market. I have tried a few and while they are okay, I haven’t found one that truly gives me everything this book offered. I need to unplug and incorporate meditation organically into my day. This book offers not just that but also has an explanation of meditation’s historical significance, and how Buddha himself arrived at his path toward enlightenment. This part in particular was truly fascinating for me.

Zen Rohatsu Invites Readers to Follow Buddha’s Path to Enlightenment

Could an ancient practice hold the key to dealing with today’s stressors? Zen meditation practitioner Nora D’Ecclesis opens her new book, Zen Rohatsu, with a guided visualization that places readers at the time of the Buddha, under the sacred fig tree, as he sought to obtain enlightenment.

“Buddha was a man who found his enlightenment and set his path, avoiding suffering by controlling his thoughts and desires,” wrote D’Ecclesis. “He was not and is not considered a deity.”

And with this historical perspective into how the concept of Buddhist enlightenment emerged, D’Ecclesis sets the stage for Zen Rohatsu, which provides thoroughly researched insights into the origins of meditation, its rituals, and the ways in which living mindfully can be transformative. Included are simple meditation techniques, such as postures, breathing exercises, and the use of mala beads.

Written for anyone wanting to cultivate a deeper sense of mindfulness and spirituality — from beginners to advanced meditation practitioners — Zen Rohatsu guides readers down the proverbial path of enlightenment.  

Zen Rohatsu is available on Amazon.

Zen Rohatsu by Nora D’Ecclesis

About the Book

Zen Rohatsu is the A to Z of Zen, as it is the backstory of why we meditate, live mindfully, and have spiritual practice. The Zazen Meditation combines the practice of mind and body from a 2,700-year-old philosophy. It informs us of the potential enlightenment from suffering that historical Buddha experienced while sitting under a fig tree in ancient times. Meditation keeps us in the present with focus, equanimity, and stress management.

Rohatsu is a spiritual practice of meditative zazen that occurs on the eighth day of the twelfth month on the Gregorian calendar. The meditation sessions, which focus on Zazen Meditation rather than scriptures or rituals, are celebrated for seven days in advance of December 8th by Zen practitioners all over the world. The Rohatsu days and nights are replicated enactments of how we think historical Buddha from the Shakyamuni tribe achieved enlightenment. It includes a look at why Buddha sat in front of that banyan fig tree known as a peepul tree in Bodh Gaya in India.

Zen is but one branch of the Buddhist tradition that emerged as a result of those eight days, many years ago before the written word. This is the story of how the concept of Buddhist enlightenment emerged from the Buddha’s days on earth. Rohatsu is unique to Mahayana Zen — Japanese Zen which celebrates the Rohatsu experience. It is an introduction to spiritual practice. We learn from the historical perspective in this book about what motivated Siddhartha’s experience and the men and women who ultimately expanded it globally to share the core concepts. Buddha was a man, not a deity, who found his enlightenment and set his path, avoiding suffering by controlling his thoughts and desires. Buddha always replied, according to ancient verbal communications, “I am awake.”

About the Author

Nora D’Ecclesis is an American bestselling and award-winning non-fiction author. Her international #1 Amazon Bestselling Audiobook “Spiritual Portals: A Historical Perspective” was published by Blackstone Audio Publishing. “Multicultural Mindfulness: Nourishing the Soul ” is also a First Place Gold Winner in Spring, 2022 TheBookFest award.

Her published non-fiction includes the bestseller “Haiku Natures Meditation” and paperbacks/ebooks on topics such as time management, personal cyber security password log, guided visualizations, gratitude/equanimity journaling, and zen meditation. Nora was the Solo Medalist in Spirituality from the New Apple Literary Award.

She added novelist to her list with the publication of “Twin Flames” written with her Co-Author, William Forstchen who is an NYT #1 bestselling novelist. Nora is a graduate of Kean University. She has a long history of presenting events, retreats, and seminars focused on wellness and stress reduction techniques. She enjoys kayaking and hiking. Nora lives with her family and wonderful dogs in a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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