Chef Woo Ramen – Product Feature

Chef Woo Ramen

Are you ready to satisfy your ramen craving? If so Chef Woo Ramen is comfort food at its finest. Keep reading to find out more about it.

Chef Woo Ramen

Chef Woo Ramen

For as long as I can remember, top ramen has been the staple for cheap, easy meals! Chef Woo Ramen is the first plant-based instant ramen, made with conscience in the U.S. and inspired by Asian traditions.

Chef Woo Ramen

The yummy organic alternative to the staple in Eastern cultures arrives to tantalize our palettes and give our diets a better, more convenient way to satisfy those ramen cravings. All without any added MSG.

Chef Woo ramen is available in four flavors:


Roasted Chicken Flavor

A hearty classic to warm your soul and fill your tummy. Roasted Chicken flavor made with absolutely no animal products.

Chef Woo Ramen beef-bowl

Braised Beef Flavor

Home comfort in a bowl. Enjoy the rich and satisfying braised beef flavor, made with absolutely no animal products.


Thai Lemongrass

Transport your taste buds to Southeast Asia with the tangy zest of Chef Woo Thai Lemongrass.

Chef Woo Ramen togarashi-bowl

Sweet Chili Togarashi

Add a little spice to your day with a sumptuous medley of Japanese flavors. Our Sweet Chili Togarashi never disappoints.

Available at Market Basket, Walmart, Raley’s, Price Chopper, and Amazon.

Logo chef

About Chef Woo

We’re on a mission to make good, healthy food accessible and affordable. Chef Woo is the first-ever high-protein, plant-based instant ramen that makes better food choices easier.

We’re making it easier to eat well. We took one of the world’s quickest and most beloved meals and recreated it using simple, nutritious ingredients, like peas, instead of harmful chemicals and preservatives. Each cup of Chef Woo is jam-packed with complete protein, amino acids, and essential nutrients. And is darn tasty too!

We know protein is essential to our health. This is why we’re cooking up a better way to include it in our diet without putting as much strain on our natural resources. All our products are certified vegan by the American Vegetarian Association. To help reduce our footprint, we make all our ramen locally in the US and try as much as possible to limit our supply chain to North American suppliers.

We love the plant-based food movement. But we hate that it’s just reserved for a select few. We believe that everyone deserves access to good, nutritious food. Chef Woo is among the few plant-based options that are truly nutritious and affordable. Good food for all!

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  1. Sandy C.

    Thanks for the info! Love ramen, and even better when plant based and filled with good protein!


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