Evive Back To School Tips & Tricks for Busy Mornings

Evive Back To School Tips & Tricks for Busy Mornings

For many, a new school year just started. For others, it’s right around the corner. Evive Nutrition is here to help make hectic back-to-school mornings easier with their expansive range of frozen meals. Check out these Evive Back To School Tips & Tricks. Let me know what you think down in the comments below.

Evive Back To School Tips & Tricks for Busy Mornings

Evive Back To School Tips & Tricks for Busy Mornings

Whether it’s school snacks or lunches for the kids (or parents), Evive has a flavor and option for everyone. Dedicated to making healthy eating more accessible, Evive products are ideal to keep kids fueled throughout the day, without the added sugars.

Evive Back To School Tips & Tricks for Busy Mornings

Breakfast: If your teen spends 30 minutes hitting snooze or you’re late dropping the youngest off at daycare, Evive’s blender-free smoothies come to the rescue! A busy routine shouldn’t compromise a great breakfast. Simply pop the cubes, top them with your favorite liquid, and shake it up – great for those who need an easy-to-make breakfast on the go!

– The classic range is ideal for regular days, full of fruits, vegetables, and organic superfoods.
– For active sports days, the protein range is perfect with the 15+ grams of plant-based protein.

Lunch: Say goodbye to classic frozen meals. With Evive soups and lunch bowls, your child will be the envy of the cafeteria. Portioned and ready to customize to taste, it’s easy to whip up healthy soup or bowl in just minutes.

– Four versatile flavors: Tom Thai, Mac Squash, Bam Chili, and Golden Curry
– Can be consumed as soups on chilly days, or served as comfort meals such as a hearty chili served over rice or a mouth-watering, vegetarian mac and cheese


Snack: Have you tried Evive’s new muffin bites, ready in 3 simple steps? Available in two flavors (Carrot and Choco Banana), these snacks are nutritious and an instant hit with kids.

– Delicious vegetables hidden behind rich and comforting flavors
– Time-saving tip: Prepare them the day before. They will be ready to be enjoyed the next day during their break.

No matter what age they are, parents want to ensure their children get the nutrients they need to learn and enjoy their extracurricular activities. Evive Nutrition is an effective and easy choice for busy parents.

Evive Back To School Tips & Tricks for Busy Mornings

Make the most of Evive’s exclusive summer promo code: SUMMER30 for 30% off on your first box to help kick off the new school year!

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    This all sounds amazing! I hate taking time to figure out what to pack for lunches and make for breakfast.


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