Exiled South by Harriet Cannon

Exiled South #MySillyLittleGang

I just finished reading a novel by Harriet Cannon. Exiled South is a twenty-first-century woman’s journey of discovery that will forever alter her view of marriage, betrayal, and her family’s rumored slave-holding history. Keep reading to learn more about this novel.

Exiled South #MySillyLittleGang

Exiled South by Harriet Cannon

Exiled South is the story of a twenty-first-century woman’s reckoning with Civil War events that split her family for generations. I loved that this book spans continents and centuries. It is well written and kept me glued to it until the very last page. This is the first novel I have read from author Harriet Cannon, but it definitely will not be the last.

The novel is steeped in international intrigue, a hint of romance, and a deep dive into little-known Civil War-era history that will keep readers riveted to the dual timeline story until the final page.

You can find Exiled South on Amazon and your favorite bookseller.

Exiled South #MySillyLittleGang

About the Book

Lizbeth Gordon, a school counselor and master at facilitating conflict resolution in everyone’s life but her own, returns home to South Carolina after her husband’s sudden death.

Seeking solace at the ramshackle family cottage, she walks the winter beach, but the quiet life doesn’t last. An elderly aunt has troubling family stories: a blockade runner hunted as a traitor after the fall of Charleston, and ancestors who disappeared during Civil War Reconstruction. Curiosity drives Lizbeth into roots research that dead ends.

Tentacles of the past reach across the continents when Lizbeth takes a job at an international school in Rio de Janeiro. She meets a multiethnic descendant of Confederate exiles, with the Gordon surname and nineteenth-century documents. Robert Gordon’s letters describe bold escapes from Federal blockaders and Civil War intrigue in Scotland. Laurette Gordon’s diary shares a heart-wrenching story of sacrifice.

Can the keys to generations-long secrets open a path to family reconciliation and healing?


About the Author

Harriet Cannon is a writer with Southern roots and wanderlust. Curiosity about places we live and how family history affects our worldview has been a life-long passion. In her career as a psychotherapist, she has specialized in culture and identity. Harriet is co-author of Mixed Blessings: A Guide to Multicultural and Multiethnic Relationships.  Exiled South is her debut novel. You can read more about her and find out why she wrote this novel here.

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