The Adventures of Grandmasaurus ~ Holiday Gift Idea #childrensbooks

The Adventures of Grandmasaurus ~ Holiday Gift Idea #childrensbooks #MySillyLittleGang

Today I am going to share about a book called The Adventures of Grandmasaurus. This is a children’s book that would make a great gift for any occasion. Keep reading to find out more.

The Adventures of Grandmasaurus ~ Holiday Gift Idea #childrensbooks #MySillyLittleGang

The Adventures of Grandmasaurus by Caroline Fernandez

As a mom to two boys who adore dinosaurs this book was right up our alley. This is a really fun and well-written story. The book had us looking forward to every page. In this story, the grandma changes to different dinosaurs every time she sneezes. Which of course my youngest thought was hilarious. There are two boys that follow her throughout the museum and learn about each new dinosaur. And we learned right along with them. This book is filled with fun, action, mystery, and bright colored dinosaurs. It’s the perfect gift for the young dinosaur lover in your life.

The Adventures of Grandmasaurus is available on Amazon and your favorite bookseller.

The Adventures of Grandmasaurus ~ Holiday Gift Idea #childrensbooks #MySillyLittleGang

About the Book

All we want to do is have a simple, no shenanigans, fun day at the museum. But when magic museum dust makes Grandma start sneezing, we know we’re in for a wild time.

The Adventures of Grandmasaurus features a quirky Grandma who magically sneezes herself into different dinosaurs while on a field trip with her two grandchildren. When Grandma starts behaving like a dinosaur, the kids quickly learn this will not be a regular field trip! There is a world of adventure searching and identifying Grandmasaurus. This intergenerational tale also shows kids know best when it comes to proper behavior at the museum!

About the Author

Caroline Fernandez is a kidlit author, parenting blogger, and social media enthusiast. She is the author of Stop Reading This Book! (Common Deer Press, 2019) and two bestselling non-fiction books, Boredom Busters: Over 50 Awesome Activities for Children Aged 7 years + (Cico Books, 2014 2016 Silver Birch Non-Fiction Honour Book) and More Boredom Busters: Over 50 Awesome Activities for Children Aged 7 years + (Cico Books, 2015).

Caroline is the creator of, a popular blog that shares information to make life easier for busy families. Caroline has been listed as one of Toronto’s Top Mom Bloggers. She lives, writes, and bakes in Toronto, ON.

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  1. Lauryn R

    This sounds like a really fun children’s book! I would definitely get this for my kids. Thank you so much for sharing this, I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.

  2. Dana Rodriguez

    This is such a cute book. Such a great gift idea!


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