Chocolate On Chocolate Stuffed Puffs #marshmallow #smores @stuffedpuffs

Chocolate On Chocolate Stuffed Puffs #marshmallow #smores @stuffedpuffs #MySillyLittleGang

We didn’t think Stuffed Puffs could get any better. And then we received Chocolate On Chocolate Stuffed Puffs! Keep reading to find out more.

Chocolate On Chocolate Stuffed Puffs #marshmallow #smores @stuffedpuffs #MySillyLittleGang

Chocolate On Chocolate Stuffed Puffs

Like I mentioned in this post from last year, my boys love Stuffed Puffs. Honestly, we didn’t think they could get any better. A few weeks ago we received a bag of their newest product – Chocolate On Chocolate Stuffed Puffs!

Just like the regular Stuffed Puffs, these Chocolate on Chocolate ones are delicious! The marshmallow has a nice cocoa flavor, and the inside the chocolate filling it is rich, super creamy and smooth!

These Chocolate On Chocolate Stuffed Puffs are perfect for making indoor s’mores. We make these in the broiler and make them several times a year. These new Stuffed Puffs melted perfectly! Having both the marshmallow and the chocolate melt equally onto the graham cracker is absolute heaven in my book.

My hubby’s favorite is still the regular Stuffed Puffs. The boys, however, found a new favorite in these!

You can find Stuffed Puffs at your local Walmart. Also if you want to try Walmart Grocery and save $10 use this link here.

Chocolate On Chocolate Stuffed Puffs #marshmallow #smores @stuffedpuffs #MySillyLittleGang


Stuffed Puffs®, the stuffed marshmallow filled with real milk chocolate, introduced its newest flavor this April and refreshed its branded look.

Stuffed Puffs® is taking marshmallows to a whole new level again. Preparing you for the ultimate summer treat, the brand is launching its newest flavor, Chocolate-on-Chocolate. The latest addition to Stuffed Puffs® will make chocolate lovers rejoice with its decadently cocoa marshmallow filled with real milk chocolate.

Stuffed Puffs® had a smashing debut last summer with its original Classic Milk Chocolate filled marshmallow and is now releasing its Chocolate-on-Chocolate flavor, along with a completed refreshed packaged look. Fans can find the latest flavor available on-shelves in select retailers this April and beginning today on the brand’s digital shop at

“Stuffed Puffs was born around the campfire and for good reason,” says CEO and Founder, Michael Tierney, who graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. “It’s taken the country by storm and we are so excited to offer Chocolate-on-Chocolate to make an old-fashioned American favorite even better.”

Stuffed Puffs® has developed its own proprietary technology and manufacturing processes. The brand built its first wholly-owned manufacturing facility in 2019 but product demand has been so high that Stuffed Puffs® is currently in the process of building a new 150,000 square feet plant that will open later this 2020 year. Stuffed Puffs® ingeniously solves the problem by putting the chocolate inside the marshmallow so the chocolate melts while the marshmallow toasts, giving you the perfect s’more every time. Amazingly tasty, fail-proof, and eminently shareable, Stuffed Puffs® is the textbook definition of making good things better!

Chocolate On Chocolate Stuffed Puffs #marshmallow #smores @stuffedpuffs #MySillyLittleGang

About Stuffed Puffs

Stuffed Puffs® is the first commercially available marshmallow filled with real milk chocolate. Founded in 2019 by Michael Tierney, Stuffed Puffs® believes that that life is more fun filled™ and that is meant quite literally. Stuffed Puffs® delivers a traditional treat stuffed with delicious and creamy milk chocolate to show the world that not all marshmallows are created equal. For more information, visit or Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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  1. Tamra Phelps

    These look so good. I’d eat them straight out of the bag.

  2. Edna Williams

    Stuffed Puffs sound delicious! Thanks for sharing!


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