Make 2020 Healthy, Happy & Well #MySillyLittleGang @BtEquator @tummydrops @Tastyclean

Make 2020 Healthy, Happy & Well #MySillyLittleGang @BtEquator @tummydrops @Tastyclean

It’s a new year so why not start it off with great products? The products in this post will help you make 2020 healthy, happy & well! Keep reading to see what they are.

Make 2020 Healthy, Happy & Well #MySillyLittleGang @BtEquator @tummydrops @Tastyclean

Make 2020 Healthy, Happy & Well

Being and staying healthy is always one of my yearly resolutions. While we often can’t control getting sick. We can do our best to try and stay healthy. Here are three products that help us. We hope that these products will also help you make 2020 healthy, happy & well.

Make 2020 Healthy, Happy & Well #MySillyLittleGang @BtEquator @tummydrops @Tastyclean

Beyond the Equator

I knew right off the bat that these seed butters would be something that I would enjoy. Mainly because I love all the seeds they contain. My boys, on the other hand, were a little hesitant to give them a try. Once they did try them out they absolutely loved them! These 5 seed butters are our go-to now.

Make 2020 Healthy, Happy & Well #MySillyLittleGang @BtEquator @tummydrops @Tastyclean

My oldest likes the creamy on toast with sliced bananas. Aaron likes the crunchy on toast or by the spoonful. As for my youngest and myself, we love the unsweetened one on celery. The hubby, well let’s just say we have to hide all three of them from him. 😉

For the yummiest on the go snack, use Beyond the Equator’s 5 Seed Butter to make energy bites to fuel your body throughout the day. This spread is manufactured in a facility free from the top 8 allergens and contains absolutely no peanuts, tree nuts, or soy! The ingredients are simple—seeds, brown cane sugar, salt, natural flavors, and natural Vitamin E. Sunflower seeds create a wonderful base butter while chia, flax, and pumpkin seeds add a nutritious superfood punch and lend to a luscious creamy texture.

Beyond the Equator 5 Seed Butter is available on Amazon.

Make 2020 Healthy, Happy & Well #MySillyLittleGang @BtEquator @tummydrops @Tastyclean

Tasty Clean

Here’s a product that I wish I had back when my boys were babies. Even now that they are older we are still so happy to have it around. Aaron plays the saxophone and keeps the Grape Juice flavor one in his case. He uses it if he ever drops his reeds or mouthpiece.

Make 2020 Healthy, Happy & Well #MySillyLittleGang @BtEquator @tummydrops @Tastyclean

I carry one with me in my purse and also keep one in the car. I use reusable straws and Tasty Clean has come in handy more than once! The flavor is right on point and it’s super convenient to carry.

Tasty Clean is a great tasting, chemical-free, cleaning spray that’s safe to ingest, clinically tested and Dentist approved. Simply spray tasty clean on food containers, your child’s retainer, water bottles, etc. – there’s no need to wipe or rinse, let it air dry, then use. Tasty Clean relies on the power of apple cider vinegar, an ingredient that’s been known for centuries to possess natural antibacterial properties.

Tasty Clean is available on Amazon.

Make 2020 Healthy, Happy & Well #MySillyLittleGang @BtEquator @tummydrops @Tastyclean


These tummy soothing drops are super yummy. That being said they also work wonders. My youngest recently had a stomach virus and was nauseous and feeling icky constantly. I gave him one of these and it helped with nausea a lot. It helped enough to have him feel well enough to have some broth.

Make 2020 Healthy, Happy & Well #MySillyLittleGang @BtEquator @tummydrops @Tastyclean

A friend of mine who is pregnant was nauseous while she came to visit and took one and felt much better. I have used it for an upset stomach and it helps tremendously. A big plus is that all of the flavors taste great!

Tummydrops are an all-natural, healthy, medication-free way to relieve tummy troubles. They’re made with just four simple plant-based ingredients including ginger and peppermint. What sets this tasty remedy apart from other “natural” tummy aids is its creator, a Board-Certified Gastrointestinal Physician, making Tummydrops a trusted source of relief.

Tummydrops are available on Amazon.

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  1. Tamra Phelps

    I hadn’t heard of Tasty Clean, but I like how convenient it would be. You could carry it anywhere.

  2. Edna Williams

    Being on pain medication caused me to be nauseous a lot. I would be willing to try this! Thanks for sharing!


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