Aosky Magnetic Screwdriver Set Review #MySillyLittleGang

Aosky Magnetic Screwdriver Set Review #MySillyLittleGang

Are you looking for a tool kit that’s small yet complete? If so keep reading to see my thoughts on the Aosky Magnetic Screwdriver Set.

Aosky Magnetic Screwdriver Set Review #MySillyLittleGang

Aosky Magnetic Screwdriver Set Review

In our home, my hubby is usually the one with the tools. However, there are times when I don’t want to wait for him to come home. I have been looking for a small yet useful tool kit. That’s why I was happy when recently I received the Aosky Magnetic Screwdriver Set.

Aosky Magnetic Screwdriver Set Review #MySillyLittleGang

I can’t tell you how many single screwdrivers I have bought. I place them somewhere and my boys tend to use it and never put it back. It drives me crazy when I need one and can’t find it.

The thing I like the most of this kit is the variety of bits. It can get frustrating trying to open a toy and put batteries but no screwdriver fits. This kit works just like any screwdriver I’ve used. The quality is good, and it’s sturdy. I also really like that it comes nicely organized in a case.

Aosky Magnetic Screwdriver Set Review #MySillyLittleGang

The only thing I didn’t like is the quality of the case, it looks really nice but doesn’t feel durable. The tools are great and work fine, but I can’t get over the feeling that the next time I close the case, the plastic connector part might snap right off.

Other than that all I have left to do is to hope my boys don’t find my hiding place for this set. 😉

You can find the Aosky Magnetic Screwdriver Set on Amazon.

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  1. slehan

    It would be great to have all the different bits for different jobs. Just be kind to the container.

  2. larescoe

    This is awesome! I could definitely use this set for all of my at home projects and miscellaneous thinga that I have to put together. I love that it is magnectic and comes with so many bits, and it’s own case! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Paula Ball

    My home was built after Katrina & there was urgent rush to put them up & move on to the next so starting to have problems, big & bigger. In 2019 I’ve had water heater break, water well stop working, electric fence for all my rescues not work, & 2 weeks ago a.c. went out! I try to fiddle around & fix what I can with internet help, so this is something I would use a lot. I’m getting pretty good at repairing things out of necessity.

  4. nancy j burgess

    I like there are so many bits included. This would come in handy.


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