Three Delightful New Children’s Books @BeamingBooksMN @PRbytheBook #KidLit #PictureBook

Three Delightful New Children’s Books @BeamingBooksMN @PRbytheBook @Letsgoonsafari #KidLit #PictureBook @SMGurusNetwork #SPRING19

I am here today to tell you about three delightful new children’s books. We are very excited to tell you about them. I hope you enjoy this post as much as we enjoy these books.

Three Delightful New Children’s Books @BeamingBooksMN @PRbytheBook @Letsgoonsafari #KidLit #PictureBook @SMGurusNetwork #SPRING19

Three Delightful New Children’s Books

I love reading and I’m so lucky that my boys do too! I still like to read to all three of them and I love it when they read to me. We have read two of the three books I will be telling you about. The third has not been released yet but is available to pre-order. More about that below. Let’s jump right in…

Three Delightful New Children’s Books @BeamingBooksMN @PRbytheBook @Letsgoonsafari #KidLit #PictureBook @SMGurusNetwork #SPRING19

When Charley Met Emma by: Amy Webb

This is such an adorable book. I really liked the way they reinforce that being different is not weird, sad, bad, or strange. I have always told my boys this, so I like that this is the lesson throughout the story. The illustrations are simple but pretty. All in all this is a great book, and one that my boys and I truly enjoyed.

About the Book

When Charley goes to the playground and sees Emma, a girl with limb differences who gets around in a wheelchair, he doesn’t know how to react at first. But after he and Emma start talking, he learns that different isn’t bad, sad, or strange–different is just different, and different is great! This delightful book will help kids think about disability, kindness, and how to behave when they meet someone who is different from them.
“The interaction portrayed in the book–a typical child meeting a child with special needs–is something we’ve experienced a lot in our daughter’s 8 years of life,” said author Amy Webb. “I’ve seen a lot of parents wince at their child asking questions and either shushing their child and walking away, or trying to pretend their child didn’t just ask an embarrassing-to-them question. So I wanted to have a book that both introduced children to disability–what it might look like, answers to some of their questions–while at the same time modeling how parents and caregivers can handle a meeting like this in a positive way for both parties.”

When Charley Met Emma is available on Amazon and your favorite book store.

Three Delightful New Children’s Books @BeamingBooksMN @PRbytheBook @Letsgoonsafari #KidLit #PictureBook @SMGurusNetwork #SPRING19

Gritty and Graceful: 15 Inspiring Women of the Bible by: Caryn Rivadeneira

I have to say that of the three books I’m sharing with you today this one is my favorite! My boys read this one with me and they found it great. My youngest said that before this book he really didn’t know about the many important women in the Bible. One of my nieces loves this book because she like it when women play important roles in history. I also like that at the end of each woman’s story there is the appropriate verse. The illustrations in this book are colorful and beautiful.

About the Book

God gave girls grit and grace. From the very beginning, God looked to girls and women to teach, to lead, to love, to change the world.

We know because we can read their stories in the Bible. From Eve to Mary and everyone in between, the Bible is full of gritty and graceful women who faced tough circumstances with courage, toughness, intelligence, and faith.

This companion to Caryn Rivadeneira’s critically acclaimed Grit and Grace: Heroic Women of the Bible combines exciting storytelling with the vivid illustrations of Sonya Abby Soekarno to bring the stories of these biblical women to life. Gritty and Graceful: 15 Inspiring Women of the Bible will inspire the gritty and graceful girls in your life to imagine their place in God’s story, how they can make a difference in the world, and do great things for God.

Gritty and Graceful is available on Amazon and your favorite book store.

Three Delightful New Children’s Books @BeamingBooksMN @PRbytheBook @Letsgoonsafari #KidLit #PictureBook @SMGurusNetwork #SPRING19

Let’s Go On Safari! by: Kate Gilman Williams and Michelle Campbell

I can’t wait to get a chance to read this book. It sounds like a great story to share with my boys. Once we read it I will update this post with our thoughts. This book will be released on May 6, 2019. You can pre-order it on Amazon.

About the Book

What happens when Kate, an 8-year-old girl from Austin, Texas, meets Michelle, a professional wildlife guide, while on safari in South Africa? The two new friends turn their adventures into a photodocumentary book encouraging kids everywhere to advocate for wild animals!

Let’s Go on Safari! invites young readers to hop in a 4×4, experience the thrill of a safari in the South African bushveld, and discover how kids can get involved in saving endangered animals. The mission of Let’s Go On Safari! is simple — to turn the natural love that children have for wild animals into advocacy!

In the text, young Kate is inspired by safari guide Michelle to observe animal behavior and study tracks, but also is encouraged to think about the impact of human-wildlife interaction, poaching problems, and more.

The book then highlights some practical ways that young people can do things to protect wild animals. We are introduced to the work of some leading international wildlife conservation organizations, including the Jane Goodall Institute with its active Roots & Shoots program for youth; to the respected David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, working to save orphaned elephants in East Africa; and to efforts by Global Wildlife Conservation, an organization working around the world to save endangered animals.

The book also highlights examples of small-scale efforts that kids can do in their own communities and schools, from local fundraisers to educational awareness projects.

The message is clear: after the family vacation is over, kids can become influential advocates in their own communities for wild animals, helping to protect endangered creatures and their critical habits around the world!

Pre-order Let’s Go On Safari! on Amazon.

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  1. Donna

    These look like fantastic books. I like how unique they are and that they have great messages to teach children.

  2. larescoe

    Both of these books sound really good! I love getting new books for my three children to enjoy. Reading has always been something I love so it is great to be able to share the love with them.

  3. nurselinda101

    These books sound so cute. I am always encouraging my grandchildren to read. The key is to find something that interests them. Thank you so much for sharing these

  4. Karen Jaras

    My grandchildren love these books. Too bad they do not have a subscription so I do not have to buy them individually and forget what I bought.


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