Sans Sucre ~ Simple, Delicious Sugar Free Baking Mixes

Sans Sucre ~ Simple, Delicious Sugar Free Baking Mixes

Sans Sucre ~ Simple, Delicious Sugar Free Baking Mixes

Sans Sucre ~ Simple, Delicious Sugar Free Baking Mixes

*Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor. If you experience health and/or blood sugar issues, please consult your physician for your best dietary needs.

Those of you that follow along my WLS journey on YouTube know that I had to cut sugar out of my diet even before surgery. So as you can imagine there are many things that I miss. I have always had a big sweet tooth so finding sugar free products that satisfy has been really tough. I was recently introduced to Sans Sucre (which appropriately is French for “Sugar Free”). This is a company that have crafted a line of baking mixes that are the first to be BOTH gluten free AND sugar free. I was excited when they contacted me to tell me more about their products see if I would give them a try. I agreed because not only was I curious, but because I believe many of you may find them useful.

The generous folks at Sans Sucre really hooked me up with several of their products! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the package to find so many goodies inside.

Sans Sucre ~ Simple, Delicious Sugar Free Baking Mixes

This is just a few of the products I received, you’ll see more in just a bit. As you can see Sans Sucre offers so much more than just baking mixes! Let me tell you more about each of the things I received.

Sans Sucre ~ Simple, Delicious Sugar Free Baking Mixes

Let’s start with these baking mixes.

I love how easy to use these baking mixes are, you basically just add water, and oil. I also absolutely loved the flavor! I first tried the Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake Mix. I wanted to try this one out first because my hubby loves apple cinnamon coffee cake and I wanted to see what he thought. I prepared it while he was at work and didn’t tell him it was sugar free. When he came home he found it on the table and immediately took one. He came into the living room and told me how absolutely delicious it was. Then he said “too bad it’s going to be all for me.” I laughed and told him that since it was sugar free I could have it too. He could not believe it, he said it was too good to be sugar free. I have to agree with him on that one. I can’t wait to give the other ones in the picture a try.

Sans Sucre ~ Simple, Delicious Sugar Free Baking Mixes

Up next to try was the gluten free, sugar free Chocolate Fudge brownie mix.

I was dying to give this one a try because chocolate brownies are an absolute weakness of mine. Again this mix was super easy to make by adding water and oil. Once it baked and cooled, I could not believe how moist and delicious it was! These brownies didn’t last long enough to even grab a picture of them. Between my boys, and the hubby I was glad to have been able to eat 1 square.

I haven’t tried the Blondie mix yet, but I imagine it’s just as good.

Sans Sucre ~ Simple, Delicious Sugar Free Baking Mixes

Of the mousse and pie filling mixes I have only made the Mocha Cappuccino Mousse Mix so far.

Again this was super easy to put together, just add cold skim milk. I am going through an almond milk phase so I used this instead. Each box of mix contains two envelopes, and each envelope will make four 1/2 cup servings. Once everything is mixed together just put into dessert dishes and place it in the refrigerator for at least two hours. OM Gosh was it delicious!!!! I can not wait to make the Cheesecake Mousse next.

You can find a list of where to buy these items by clicking here or find them on eDietShop, and Amazon.


Whether searching for the perfect dessert to make and enjoy this May during Celiac Awareness Month or for a delicious dessert to bake and bring to a friend or family member with a gluten intolerance, Sans Sucre has you covered! Their line of delicious, decadent desserts offers gluten-free and sugar-free mixes that require only a few ingredients and minimal time to prepare.

Sans Sucre Gluten Free & Sugar Free Baking Mixes – These first-of-their kinds Gluten Free, Sugar Free Baking mixes are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. They are low in cholesterol and sodium and made in small batched with quality, hand-selected ingredients including all-natural Stevia. The mixes are available in both Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix featuring rich, European-style Dutch cocoa and a Classic Blondie Brownie Mix.

Sans Sucre Sugar Free & Gluten Free Mousse Mixes – Treat yourself to these smooth, rich, creamy mousses featuring no sugar or gluten! These mixes are low in fat and contain just 60-70 calories per serving. They come in a variety of flavors including: Classic Chocolate, Cheesecake, French Vanilla, Lemon, Mocha Cappuccino, Key Lime Pie and Strawberry.

Sugar Free Baking Mixes – Perfect for sweet-loving consumers looking for smart dessert options. These sugar-free mixes are made in small batches and feature hand-selected ingredients such as Stevia for a delectable guilt-free treat. The Sans Sucre Sugar Free Baking Mixes come in Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix, Classic Blondie Brownie Mix, Milk Chocolate Brownie Mix and Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake Mix.

*Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor. If you experience health and/or blood sugar issues, please consult your physician for your best dietary needs.


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  1. larescoe

    This is so awesome, thank you so much for sharing this! My dad cannot have sugar, but usually when things are sugar free they are made with unnatural substitutes instead, so he even avoids sugar free treats as well. Until of course he discovered Stevia, what a great idea! I love that they are now making box mixes using it as well, I can’t wait to tell him! 🙂


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