Brooklyn Bean Roastery CocoMocha Coffee Review @BrooklynBeans1

Brooklyn Bean Roastery CocoMocha Coffee Review

Brooklyn Bean Roastery CocoMocha Coffee Review

Brooklyn Bean Roastery CocoMocha Coffee Review

I love mocha flavored coffee so I was both intrigued and excited to try Brooklyn Bean Roastery’s CocoMocha coffee. This coffee has a mix of coconut and mocha flavors. Many of you know that I love to have my flavored coffee black. I like it this way to truly enjoy the flavor of the coffee. This CocoMocha coffee is so delicious that I have absolutely no need for creamer. This coconut chocolate flavored coffee is crafted and roasted in small batches. And as with all Brooklyn Bean Roastery blends you receive extra fresh and filter brewed coffee with each and every cup! One thing that is an added plus for me is that they only use the highest quality 100% Arabica Coffee beans which provides a delicious and rejuvenating cup every time.

Brooklyn Bean Roastery CocoMocha Coffee Review

It is hard to go wrong with coconut and chocolate, but Brooklyn Bean Roastery exceeded my expectations. The coffee has a rich chocolate flavor with hints of coconut which was absolutely satisfying. It is a light roast which gives it a smooth, mild taste and aroma. I loved that when I first tried this coffee I found that it  was absolutely perfect for my morning cup! After dinner however I wanted a bit more of a sweet dessert like flavor. So I brewed up a cup, and added a splash of full-fat coconut milk to it. OMG was this delicious!!! Either way I have it I love that it doesn’t have an acidic aftertaste like many other coffees have. This summer flavor won’t be around long so don’t miss your chance to try this limited edition seasonal flavor.

Brooklyn Bean Roastery CocoMocha Coffee Review

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Product Description

Brew a cup of CocoMocha and watch as the office break room blossoms into paradise. Butterflies as big as your head. Palm trees sashaying in the breeze. The roar of waves reaching the beach. Bob from accounting swaying in a grass skirt and you ensconced in a gently swaying hammock with a cup o’ CocoMocha. Creamy chocolate. Sweet coconut. Bold coffee beans. The world’s favorite tropical trio hugs in your mug.

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About Brooklyn Bean Roastery

We’re three guys from Brooklyn who love coffee–it’s as simple as that. We know where to find the best slice, the best mechanic, and the perfect apartment on the best block in the neighborhood. We grew up with an appreciation for quality, originality, and local pride, and we’ve based our company on those values.

Brooklyn Bean uses the highest quality Arabica beans for each of our blends and we roast them right here in New York. Brooklyn itself is always diverse and interesting, never boring. That’s why we offer a variety of exciting roasts and flavors to suit every palate, not a one-size-fits-all product line.

Our goal has been to provide a great cup of coffee that reminds you of the sights and sounds of Brooklyn. Whether you prefer a crisp, mild blend that brings you back to that perfect corner shop coffee, a silky smooth flavored coffee to relax with, or a rich, dark roast that gets you ready for the daily hustle of the city, Brooklyn Bean Roastery has created the perfect blend- just for you.

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Brooklyn Bean Roastery CocoMocha Coffee Review

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  1. larescoe

    What an interesting flavor for coffee! I have definitely never tried coconut before, but it sounds interestingly delicious! Thanks for your review! 🙂


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