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Lotushirt - Nanotech Clothing Inspired by Nature

Lotushirt – Nanotech Clothing Inspired by Nature

Lotushirt - Nanotech Clothing Inspired by Nature

Father’s Day is coming up fast. This year instead of a tie, give the dad in your life a Lotushirt. I recently learned about this shirt and was very skeptical. This shirt is said to repel water and stains. “Like Magic” is what they say. Hmm that seemed too good to be true. I was happy to receive a Lotushirt and see if it lived up to the hype. The shirt arrived packaged in a bag which I liked.

Lotushirt - Nanotech Clothing Inspired by Nature

When I took the shirt out of it’s package, I was surprised to see how lightweight it was. I was also surprised at how soft the material is. I was expecting the material to be more like a dress shirt. This had more of a softer feel.

Lotushirt - Nanotech Clothing Inspired by Nature

Although it has a soft feel, it still has the look of a dress shirt. With all of the appropriate buttons in their appropriate places. I also really like how well the stitching is, and the quality of the material.

Lotushirt - Nanotech Clothing Inspired by Nature

The material is a bit see through, which I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture above. So an undershirt is definitely needed. I tested out the shirt using tea and was pleasantly surprised at how it truly repelled both the liquid and the stain. My hubby liked how well the fabric moved with him and how breathable the shirt is. This is definitely a shirt that is on our shopping list for the dad’s in our family.


The claim is familiar: a stylish shirt made from amazing material. And usually the material repels water and stains like magic – until after a few runs through the washer. Lotushirt is different. Its water-repelling and stain-resistant properties are part of the nature-inspired fabric that make up the shirt.

Keeping water out

Inspired by the microstructure of the lotus plant, the nanotech fabric was designed to mimic the hydrophobic structure of the lotus leaf. With its special material, the outside surface holds back water and resists stains, while the inside surface acts as a wick, leaving the shirt dry on the inside.


It’s relatively easy to make fabric stain and water resistant – just think of rain jacket – but Lotushirt is different: it feels like a cotton blend, while remaining breathable all day thanks to more than a million micro holes.

The fabric

Lotushirt’s ‘memory yarn’ took more than a year of research to perfect and weave into a shirt that doesn’t wrinkle. Ideal for on-the- go businessmen, the ‘3D fabric’ is perfect for work, exercise and travel.

Lotushirt - Nanotech Clothing Inspired By Nature

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  1. Granmama15

    We have come a long way baby!! I would have never thought that the lotus plant, Inspired the nanotech fabric and more! Pretty soon we won’t need to use Shout or other clothes stain removers.

  2. larescoe

    This clothing sounds awesome! I love that it is so breathable. My husband would definitely love a shirt like this! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Tamra Phelps

    Wow, that is pretty impressive. Great for guys on business trips, who don’t want spill stains on their shirts in meetings!

  4. kate g

    That’s kind of amazing that it can be breathable AND repel water. Who ever thought they’d be using a word like hydrophobic to describe the qualities of a shirt? I’d buy all my clothes with this material if I could. Jetsons…here we come.


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