Rubik’s Tower ~ Family Game Series #9 @WinningMovesUSA @SMGurusNetwork

Rubik's Tower ~ Family Game Series #9

Rubik’s Tower ~ Family Game Series #9

Rubik's Tower ~ Family Game Series #9

My oldest is a big fan of Rubik’s Cubes, he has so many of them that I have lost count. That’s why when I saw the Rubik’s Tower I knew he would love it. He was super excited when he saw it, he opened it immediately! The Rubik’s Tower adds an interesting twist to the original Rubik’s cube.  This Rubik’s not only turns the tiles around on the vertical axis but also around a central axis that changes the shape of the tower completely. Which gives it more of a challenge.

Rubik's Tower ~ Family Game Series #9

My son loves that the Rubik’s Tower is like one cube stacked on top of another. If you have someone or are someone that finds that Rubik’s cube too simple, (or super fun) you should definitely try out the Rubik’s Tower!

Product Description

A Twist on a Classic! Imagine two 2×2 Rubik’s Cubes on top of one another that are able to rotate around a central axis. This allows for an especially diabolical twisty puzzle. This shape-shifting puzzle adds an extra element of mastery! The Rubik’s Tower (or 2x2x4 Rubik’s Cube) features slightly larger tiles and an all-new mechanism. This is a (1) player game recommended for ages 8+ The Rubik’s Cube has been tantalizing and enchanting people for over 40 years. It was created in 1974 by Erna Rubik, and is the world’s best-selling toy ever! There are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 ways to solve a Rubik’s Cube. That’s just over 43 quintillion! At a recent tournament in Middletown, Virginia a15-year-old solved the Rubik’s Cube in a total time of 4.69 seconds. This makes him the new holder of the world record for fastest 3-by-3 Rubik’s Cube completion.

You can get this great game on Amazon and of course on Winning Moves!

Rubik's Tower ~ Family Game Series #9

More about Winning Moves (from their website)

Winning Moves USA (WMUSA) is a leading maker of board games, card games, and puzzles. Since WMUSA’s first year of operation in 1995, the company has forged a close relationship with one of the world’s largest game companies, Hasbro, Inc., owner of Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley.  WMUSA also has a great relationship with Seven Towns, Ltd. (the owners of the Rubik’s brand). As a result, many long-lived Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley games & Rubik’s puzzles are now marketed by WMUSA!

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  1. larescoe

    This is a cool looking version of a Rubiks cube! I would definitely love to see if someone in my family could solve it. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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