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Sylvia Rose & the Cherry Tree Book Review

Sylvia Rose & the Cherry Tree Book Review

Sylvia Rose & the Cherry Tree has become one of my favorite children’s books. I love to travel, but ever since I became a mom I haven’t really been able to travel as much as I used to when I was single. I think that’s why this book really hit home for me.

This is the story of Sylvia Rose a very happy and fun little girl, and a cherry tree who hasn’t seen any of the world beyond it’s place in the forest. Sylvia Rose helps the cherry tree by uprooting it with the help of the woodland creatures so the tree can see the world. They visited many famous places that I quickly recognized thanks to the amazing illustrations. While it was fun for the cherry tree and the little girl to travel, they both became homesick.

The woodland creatures, especially the ones who had made the cherry tree their home also missed Sylvia Rose and the cherry tree. I loved how happy all the woodland creatures, the little girl and the cherry tree were when they finally reunited. This truly is an adorable book with the great message of the importance of home.

You will immediately be drawn in with this sweet story and great illustrations!

New Release…

In rhymed couplets, with magical illustrations, Sylvia Rose and the Cherry Tree spins a story of adventure, imagination, and the importance of home.

This very strange tale began in May

in a friendly forest on a sunny day.

Skipping along a path in the wood

danced Sylvia Rose, and man, she was GOOD!

Laughing and leaping came Sylvia Rose,

Whirling and twirling on twinkly toes.

Bold, adventurous Sylvia Rose loves visiting the animals and trees of the forest. The girl and her favorite cherry tree share almost everything, including dancing and stories, but they can’t travel the world together because the tree is rooted deep in the earth. Determined to overcome this obstacle, Sylvia Rose enlists her animal friends to uproot the glorious tree, and Sylvia and the tree set off globetrotting together, taking in the wonders of the world from the Eiffel Tower to the Sydney Opera House, each sight more amazing than the last.

Back home in the forest, however, the animals begin to suffer without the food and shelter of their life-sustaining cherry tree. Can the tree give up her newfound freedom and return to her role in the forest ecosystem?

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About the Author…

Since her childhood in a Maine coastal forest, SANDY SHAPIRO-HURT (Cape Elizabeth, ME) has been passionate about ecology and the abundant life the forest supports. She left Maine to pursue careers in the feature film industry and in event design and planning, but has returned to her roots with her husband, daughter, and a menagerie of chickens. Sylvia Rose and the Cherry Tree is her first children’s book.


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