Must Have Kitchen Gadgets For The New Year @Tfal_Cookware

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets For The New Year

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets For The New Year

A few days ago on January 28th was National Pancake Day. So of course we celebrated with pancakes for breakfast. While I was making the pancakes I realized that the kitchen gadgets I was using are definite must haves. Not just for making pancakes, these should be must haves in everyone’s kitchen. So this new year grab these must have kitchen gadgets.

Brunch, breakfast for dinner, or make-your-own pancake bar – the possibilities are ENDLESS. From scooping and flipping to serving and even juicing, these kitchen tools will make blueberry pancake day prep a breeze. Be sure you are equipped with the right kitchen gadgets.

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets For The New Year

T-Fal Ingenio Spoon Spatula

This Spoon Spatula is great! It works better than a regular spoon. This has been great for mixing pancake, cake, and cookie batter. It made it so easy to scrape the bowl while mixing and then spoon out the batter. I would definitely recommend it!

The T-Fal Ingenio Spoon Spatula features a flexible silicone design. This is ideal for scraping bowls or spooning batter. Bowl rest prevents the spatula from sliding into the bowl. Great for stovetop use as well, heat resistant to 500°F. Easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets For The New Year

T-fal Ingenio Silicone Flex Turner

This is great must have turner spatula that turns eggs and pancakes perfectly. This is durable yet light weight, and I love the grip. 

The T-Fal Ingenio Flex Turner features a spring steel blade with a silicone over mold. This provides a thin flexible head to get under food in a pan. Able to handle delicate and sturdy foods. High heat resistant silicone, safe to 500 DegreeF. Pan rest prevents turner from sliding into the pan. Easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets For The New Year

T-fal Ingenio Manual Juicer System

I’ve used this juicer to make lemonade and orange juice. I really like that it’s simple and sturdy. The top and bottom pieces can both be used to hold the juice. Which I like, I use the top when making enough for just me and the bottom for the whole family. I like this juicer a lot, and highly recommend it!

The T-Fall Ingenious Juicer includes two cups for single use or service at a table. The smaller cup doubles as a lid, allowing for fridge storage. The juicing insert efficiently filters out seeds and excess pulp. The non-slip base provides stability while in operation. The T-Fall Ingenious Juicer is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

I hope that you find these gadgets as useful as I do. 


  1. DB

    These look like great products. The spoon spatula would definitely come in handy! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Cathy Jarolin

    These T~fal Kitchen Gadgets put to shame my kitchen gadgets. Mine do not work near as well as the T~fal ones you demonstrated. I will be looking for these when I go on my Next Shopping Trip. Thank You for the awesome review…


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