Game Gift Idea ~ //CODE: Rover Control @ThinkFun @SMGurusNetwork

Game Gift Idea ~ //CODE: Rover Control
Game Gift Idea ~ //CODE: Rover Control

My boys are big fans of board games. That’s why I will be talking to you today about one of Aaron’s favorite board games. Aaron absolutely loves everything that has to do with coding. Which is why he really liked this game.

This game is easy to learn to play, yet it gives a nice challenge. All you do to play is select a challenge card and the terrain map that goes with it. Second you chose how you are going color the Terrain Map. Third you place your Rover and see if he can travel on your map. Once you get your rover to travel from start to finish you win that challenge!

Game Gift Idea ~ //CODE: Rover Control

It is a fun designed 1 player game. Even though it’s made for ages 8+ my six year old plays it and loves it as much as his brothers do. This would make a great gift for anyone on your list who likes coding. This game is available on the ThinkFun website, Amazon and other fine retailers.

Product Description

Rover Control is the second in a series of games designed to build the mental skills needed to fully grasp the concept of coding. All of the games are screen free for a unique, unplugged play experience. Each of the 40 Rover Control challenges contains a map. The trouble is, the pathways on the map are colorless and the Rover is programmed to only travel on colored pathways. You’ll need to figure out how to color the pathways so the Rover can complete its mission. Rover Control is a fun and challenging step up from our award winning programming logic game Code Master.

Type: Coding Games Logic Games New Games

Skill: Logic and Problem Solving

Age: 8 and Up

Players: 1 Player

Instructions: View PDF


4 Terrain Maps
Booklet with 40 Challenges
3 Erasable Markers
7 Station Tokens
4 Start and End Tokens
Sample Storage Card
Solution Booklet

Game Gift Idea ~ //CODE: Rover Control

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