Color Cube Soduku ~ Game Gift Idea @ThinkFun @SMGurusNetwork

 Color Cube Soduku ~ Game Gift Idea

Color Cube Soduku ~ Game Gift Idea

Both my oldest and I are big fans of Soduku so the Color Cube Soduku game was right up our alley. This is a single player game, what I really enjoy about this game is that it uses colors instead of the traditional numbers. Even though it sounds easy it’s really a bit of a challenge. This game has color cubes that you can move around and flip to solve the puzzle. Just like in Soduku you can’t repeat colors in any row or column.

 Color Cube Soduku ~ Game Gift Idea

I really enjoy this game and so do my boys. This game is made for ages 8+ and brings 9 color cubes and one display tray. This is such a fun puzzle game and I love that it’s a game that is appropriate for the whole family. Even though it’s made as a single player game it can definitely be played between two. I play this all the time with my oldest, we take turns with the cubes until we solve the puzzle.

This game would make a great gift for anyone on your list who likes logic games. This game is available on the ThinkFun website, Amazon and other fine retailers.

Product Description

Flip the Cubes. Solve the Puzzle.

2017 Mensa Mind Games Competitor

Flip & rearrange all 9 Color Cubes on the 3 x 3 tray until each color appears once in every row and column. It will take more than a couple flips of a cube to master this brilliant Sudoku puzzle. Once you’ve conquered the traditional Sudoku pattern, give your brain a real workout with our fun Bonus Challenges!

Type: Logic Games New Games

Skill: Logic and Problem Solving

Age: 8 and Up

Players: 1 Player

Instructions: View PDF


9 Color Cubes
1 Display Board

Color Cube Soduku ~ Game Gift Idea

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  1. DB

    This looks like a great game. I like the idea of making it a two person game by taking turns.


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