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Mandalay Brands Luxury Hotel & Spa Towels Set

Mandalay Brands Luxury Hotel & Spa Towels Set

If there is one thing I love updating in my home often it’s my towels. Every six months I change out my bath decor, and with my decor I love getting new towels. There are of course towels that I will always have. You know the ones I received as wedding gifts and those extra cozy ones. I will always keep those. However I love putting out new towels with my new decor.

So let’s talk about the newest addition of towels to my home. I came across this six piece set from Mandalay Brands. The description of these towels is that they are luxury hotel & spa quality. The set includes: 2 Bath Towels, 2 Hand Towels, and 2 Face Towels.

Mandalay Brands Luxury Hotel & Spa Towels Set

They arrived packaged all together and wrapped in a bag. Once I opened the bag I was pleasantly surprised to see how soft they were.

Mandalay Brands Luxury Hotel & Spa Towels Set

I also really like the design these towels have. They also have a very well stitched edging, they seem to be durable.

Mandalay Brands Luxury Hotel & Spa Towels Set

These towels were very thin and kind of squished from the packaging.

Mandalay Brands Luxury Hotel & Spa Towels Set

I washed them three times before using them. After the washing these towels became fluffy and plumped right up. I mentioned before that they were fluffy to start with but after washing them they became even softer. Now that I’ve used them for a few weeks, I am happy to say that they have stayed delightfully soft and are absorbent.

These are some of the best bath towels I have ever had! I absolutely love them!

You can get these Mandalay Brands Towels Set on Amazon.

Product Description

100% Cotton

Incredibly soft and plush made with 100% high quality cotton, woven long-staple (long fibers) highly absorbent.

Classic and luxurious design for the best feel on its use. Free of Chemicals, made only with natural materials for your family’s safety.

IMPORTED BATHROOM TOWELS. This set includes 2 bath towels 30” x 55” inches, 2 hand towels 20” x 30” inches. and 2 washcloths 13” x 13” inches each.

Thick material 750GSM-density (grams per square meter).

Highest quality cotton manufactured in state of the art Swiss looms.

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