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Beautifully Said Book Review

Beautifully Said Book Review

I love to keep a book on my coffee table, for when people come over. It has to be the type of a book that people can enjoy just flipping through. That is exactly what this book is. This book contains 21 themed chapters spotlighting women and girls who believe, build, discover, explore, heal, invent, laugh, lead, and more.

Beautifully Said has great quotes by incredible women like Eleanor Roosevelt, Ella Fitzgerald, Serena Williams, Amy Poehler, and Malala Yousafzai.

I would recommend this book as a perfect gift for this holiday season, or to just keep on your coffee table.

Beautifully Said Book Review

A collection of 100 empowering quotes by remarkable women


Beautifully Said (Rock Point Publishers / April 15, 2017 / US $16.99) is a collection of over 100 quotes from famous, successful, and strong women makes an inspirational gift to any girl or woman, or to yourself.

Looking for a quote to inspire your daughter, sister, mother, teammate or friend? Beautifully Said is a personal inspiration gallery, containing 21 themed chapters spotlighting women and girls who believe, build, discover, explore, heal, invent, laugh, lead, and more. 

Quotabelle’s first book is a serendipitous result of the startup’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. This female-powered company creates products that add missing voices back into history and ensure today’s remarkable thinkers and doers aren’t overlooked going forward. 

Discover 110 trail blazers: classic icons Eleanor Roosevelt, Ella Fitzgerald and Audrey Hepburn; contemporary sheroes Emma WatsonSerena WilliamsAmy Poehler and Malala Yousafzai; plus, noteworthy up-and-comers…an Everest-climbing mountaineer, a space archaeologist, an eco-jewelry designer and a crowdfunding pioneer.

Sharing ideas and stories is how passions get sparked and role models emerge. 

Quotabelle designs smart, distinctive products that introduce female role models to the world. from family rooms to classrooms, offices to boardrooms, studios to sports fields, in print and online. The company is solving a quote supply problem uncovered through research–that less than 15% of the millions of quotes shared every day are by women and girls. Most are unsourced, many are misattributed. Very often quotes shared were written or said by the same visible few. Working with female writers, researchers, designers and craftspeople, Quotabelle is adding missing voices back into history and ensuring remarkable women and girls aren’t overlooked going forward. 

Pauline Weger scouts creative ways to share great ideas & true stories. She particularly loves pairing inspiring words with beautiful fonts, hand lettering, stylish design and brilliant washes of color.   Pauline grew up in the small coastal town of Manchester-By-The-Sea, north of Boston. She and her husband now live in Northern Virginia. Mom to two daughters, she stepped away from the corporate world to become a social entrepreneur who spends her days making sure more female role models emerge.  

Alicia Williamson, PhD is a wayfaring academic who loves to use her keyboard for good. She has researched and taught Literature, Writing, and Women’s Studies. Her work within and beyond the university is dedicated to amplifying underrepresented voices and stories.   Originally from the lake country of northern Minnesota, Alicia currently resides in the UK with her husband and their baby daughter.

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