6 Dental Hygiene Tips To Teach Your Kids @mouth_watchers

6 Dental Hygiene Tips To Teach Your Kids

6 Dental Hygiene Tips To Teach Your Kids

When it comes to dental hygiene it’s something that I have taught my boys since they were born. Yes, I know that sounds silly, but it’s true. When they were newborns and up until their first tooth I always would clean their gums after every meal. Once their first tooth came in they graduated to a toothbrush. Apart from my boys my hunny is obsessed with brushing his teeth. As for me, after working for years in a dental office you can say I am somewhat obsessed myself.

6 Dental Hygiene Tips To Teach Your Kids

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to manual toothbrushes. However I recently came across one in particular that I really like. It is the Mouth Watchers® manual toothbrush. This is the softest toothbrush I’ve ever tried and cleans very well because the bristles are different in length and are able to reach into nooks and crannies better. I love that this toothbrush does not irritate my gums. And after brushing my mouth feels extra clean!

But I’ll tell you more about Mouth Watchers in a little bit. Mouth Watchers® founder, Dr. Ronald Plotka, has a few tips and tricks to teach your kids about good hygiene. They are also good reminders for ourselves!

6 Hygiene Tips To Teach Your Kids

Help your children start healthy habits with Mouth Watchers®

To a kid, hygiene can seem like a hassle. Until they reach the teenage years and realize that people appreciate the use of soap, toothpaste, and deodorant, teaching children to practice good hygiene is essential to their health and well-being. Help your little one adopt healthy habits with Mouth Watchers®, the leading toothbrush for better health!

Set your child up for a lifetime of stellar dental health with these helpful hygiene tips from Mouth Watchers® founder Dr. Ronald Plotka:

  • Stay Away From Sugar: While it’s a treat for your stomach – it’s certainly not for your teeth. Terrible for your health and pearly whites, all things candy, ice cream, cakes and pastries should only be for special occasions!
  • Skip Soda: Your teeth’s worst enemy, help your kids to avoid the bubbly drink by offering them alternatives like flavored water or juices – but make sure they are low in sugar as well!
  • Fill Up On Fluoride: For decades, there’s been a dental dogma associated with fluoride. Is it good for our teeth? Yes! Fluoride toothpaste reduces cavities in kids from 15 to 30 percent and the fluoride of public water supplies lowers cavity rates up to 40 percent.
  • Set Up A Schedule: A good routine is always appreciated! Put a pea-sized squirt of fluoride toothpaste on their Mouth Watchers® Youth Manual Toothbrush, set a timer for 30 seconds and let them have a turn at cleaning. Then practice rinsing and spitting together, and don’t be surprised if that’s your kiddo’s favorite part!
  • Make it Fun To Floss: Children learn through play, so introducing educational flossing activities will help make hygiene fun! Sing a song, make it a fun game, or even create flossing chart to hang on the wall, adding a sticker for each time your child flosses. Give them a little reward for flossing a few days in a row such as staying up late, or a trip to the movies! Those incentives will keep them flossing forever.
  • Say Goodbye To Pacifiers: Babies love their pacifiers, but many parents are rightly concerned that too much use can cause dental problems. The presence of a pacifier can harm the development and growth of the mouth and teeth. Prolonged use can cause changes in the shape of the roof of the mouth and create problems with tooth alignment. Break the habit early!

Start teaching good oral care at an early age. Encourage your kids to practice healthy hygiene habits with help from Mouth Watchers®!

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About Mouth Watchers® (from their website)

Mouth Watchers® was founded by Dr. Ronald Plotka, a nationally renowned Boston area dentist with over 40 years of dentistry leadership. Operating a large practice in Swampscott, MA. Dr. Plotka is a national lecturer and dental expert. 

Mouth Watchers® is dedicated to making life healthier with unique dental hygiene products and services combining superior quality and the very latest technology.

Mouth Watchers® is passionate about giving back to our community.  A percentage of our profits go to the Smiles for Life Foundation which is the charity arm of the Crown Council, an alliance of leading-edge dental teams that are passionately committed to promoting oral health, fighting oral cancer and serving their communities through charitable work.

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