Products to Keep You and Your Kids Safe @miFoldBooster @SafeRide4Kids @SMGurusNetwork

Products to Keep You and Your Kids Safe

Products to Keep You and Your Kids Safe

Products to Keep You and Your Kids Safe

Products to Keep You and Your Kids Safe

Safety is always a big concern for us parents and parents-to-be. That’s why I decided to share information on these two great products with you. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, car crashes are a leading cause of death for children 1 to 13 years old. Many deaths and injuries can be prevented by the proper use of car seats, boosters and seat belts not just for kids but expecting moms too. Getting safety information and car seat instructions to parents and caregivers is crucial to saving young lives. These products will keep you and your kids stay as safe as possible while traveling.

Let’s start with the mifold Grab-and-Go Booster Seat.

One of my boys is just about to start middle school and he was complaining about still having to use a booster seat. However safety is always my first concern. At his last physical the pediatrician told him that he in fact still needs to use his booster seat.

When we received the mifold Grab-n-Go Booster Seat to review, my son immediately claimed it. He really liked it because of it’s size. It’s not as bulky as his regular booster seat so he says he won’t be as embarrassed if his friends see it. One of his worries is that if a friend invites him for a play date and he has to go right after school he would have to lug his booster around. He loves that with the mifold he can just pop it in his bookbag and not worry about it. The mifold works so well, and is so convenient, that now the hunny want one for his car too. He says he likes being able to stow it in the glove compartment.

Honestly I was a bit sceptical about the mifold. Mainly because I find it amazing that it is so safe for my son, yet so lightweight and easy to use. I also like that messy spills are no issue. The mifold is easy to clean with soap and water. I like that there is no need to remove bulky covers. We absolutely love it and will be getting a second one for our younger son.

Products to Keep You and Your Kids Safe

Another thing I really like about the is the variety of colors that it comes in.

Now let’s talk about the Safe Ride 4 Kids Tummy Shield

Products to Keep You and Your Kids Safe

The Safe Ride 4 Kids Tummy Shield is a must for every safety conscious expecting mom. The Tummy Shield is the ONLY pregnancy seat belt that protects baby in the event of a crash by effectively redirecting the seat belt away from the pregnant belly.

Products to Keep You and Your Kids SafeProducts to Keep You and Your Kids SafeProducts to Keep You and Your Kids Safe

Patented design that secures the seat belt at the leg, not the belly or hips where it can harm your unborn baby. Stainless steel hook construction that attaches securely to the car seat and holds the belt firmly in place without any slippage or dangerous slack. Side by side crash tests show the Tummy Shield prevents submarining injuries (the pelvis twisting and sliding under the lap belt) compared to using a just the seat belt.

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