Darlene Nemeth Designs Adult Coloring Book Review

Darlene Nemeth Designs Adult Coloring Book Review

Darlene Nemeth Designs Adult Coloring Book Review

I love adult coloring! Today I want to share the latest book I am coloring. It is called Magnificent Mandalas (you can check it out here) and it is by Darlene Nemeth Designs. I love coloring Mandalas, so I have several books of them and have seen quite a few different designs. I like that the images in this one is one of the most nicely laid out and created books I have come across.

Darlene Nemeth Designs Adult Coloring Book ReviewThis book Magnificent Mandalas, like the other books by Darlene Nemeth Designs is an e-book. I love e-books because I can print the designs over and over to change the colors I use on the image. I also like that because I can print them, I can use any type of paper I want. This makes coloring the images with whatever medium I want easy. Another thing I like is that there is no awkward position while coloring due to book covers.

Darlene Nemeth Designs Adult Coloring Book Review

I mostly like using gel pens for an outline and then fill in the space with colored pencil. The images are a perfect size. I am very happy with the images in this e-book. There are many designs, you will have many hours of coloring ahead of you. I like that in the Darlene Nemeth Designs e-books you can find three color pallet ideas. Plus you get the color scheme from the cover page. Each book contains 25 images and you can tell that a lot of thought was put into each of the images.

Here are a few of the books you can find from Darlene Nemeth Designs.

Darlene Nemeth Designs Adult Coloring Book ReviewBe sure to join the Darlene Nemeth Designs Facebook Groups Page. It is a great place to meet new colorists, artists and make friends. Plus they also share free coloring pages! Check out the Darlene Nemeth Designs Etsy Page here.

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  1. Lori Pierce

    I love to color. I always have and it has not changed. I use little kids coloring books with big pictures and color them and glue them to thin cardstock and make refrigerator magnets out of them.

    1. Silvie (Post author)

      What a great idea, I may borrow it! Thanks for visiting today! 🙂


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