Dynamo Lantern STEM Building Toy Review

Dynamo Lantern STEM Building Toy

Dynamo Lantern STEM Building Toy

Some people still don’t know what is STEM? I know I didn’t until recently. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. What I really like about it is that STEM education focuses on much more than these four subjects. The focus of STEM education is how these subjects relate to each other and the real world. That means that these subjects need to be taught together and be focused on problem solving. STEM toys are great because they encourage kids to develop skills in the core disciplines of these subjects.

We were recently sent the Dynamo Lantern STEM Building Toy. We chose to review this STEM toy because we love toys that have clear goals and encourage kids to learn STEM skills while having fun. This particular toy is designed for kids ages 8+. My 10 year old took on the challenge of building this lantern for himself. Aaron loves everything that has to do with engineering, electricity and building.

The Dynamo Lantern brings everything your child will need to build and operate this lantern.

Dynamo Lantern STEM Building Toy

The instructions were very easy to understand and follow. My son had it built in no time. He spread out the instructions and pieces on the floor and got straight to work. He loves building things on the floor vs setting them up on a table.

Like I said before he had it built in no time. He loved that when he cranks it one way the light is green and when he cranks it the other way it lights up blue.


Product Description

  • Build a Hand-Cranked Generator: Kids can construct their own fully working generator that lights up a light bulb.
  • Easy-to-Build STEM Kit: No screws or tools needed to assemble the toy. Kids can easily build a dynamo lantern in 10-15 mins by following the included detailed instructions.
  • Learn As They Play: Kids can learn and understand how generators and electricity works by seeing the result of lighting up a light bulb with their own hands. Fun facts are also included in instruction manual.
  • More Ways to Play: Build the lantern differently by turning it into a barn lantern or a water lantern. You can also make the light bulb change colors by rotating the hand crank in the opposite direction.
  • Recommended for Ages 8 and up: Product contains small parts, not for children under the age of 3.

Parts List:

LED light x1
LED Holder x1
Left & Right Panel x1
Motor x1
Joint Lever x1
Double Gears x2
Gear Shaft x 2
Joint Clip x 4
Handle x 1
Hand Crank x 1
LED Lantern Cover & Lantern Base x 1

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.

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