Guest Post: Baby Skin Care: How To Keep Baby’s Skin Healthy

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A New My Silly Little Gang Guest Post

Here is another guest post with information that I know you will enjoy. I love bringing you posts, especially when those posts have to do with baby care. Here is a great one on taking care of baby’s skin.

Baby Skin Care: How To Keep Baby’s Skin Healthy

Nothing compares to the soft and delicate nature of a baby’s skin when he enters this world. However, exposure to the elements and the new environment cause some changes to his skin. Things like diaper rash and cradle cap are very common. Although they are not always painful, they are irritating and make the baby feel uncomfortable. But there are many things that you can do to make sure that your child’s skin remains healthy and they include the following five.

#1 Avoid Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is one of the common skin problems that most infants get. Whereas most parents think that it is a minor or ordinary problem, it will affect the appearance of the child’s skin. The best way for moms to deal with it is to prevent it. Knowing what causes this problem is the most important thing when dealing with it. For most kids it is a result of leaving them with wet diapers for long, the diapers being too tight and using particular types of diapers or baby wipes. A simple solution is to change the diapers as often as possible.

#2 Choose Baby Products Wisely

As a parent, you should do extensive research and spare enough time to shop for baby products so as to ensure that you get the best. When it comes to buying things like bathing soap, baby lotions and detergents for washing his clothes you should be very keen with what you choose. These products will have direct contact with his skin, and so if you do not choose the right ones, you should not expect him to maintain a healthy skin. The golden rule is always to go for a detergent for baby, lotion and bathing soap with all natural ingredients. Also, make sure that the soap that you use to wash his clothes does not leave any chemical residue on them because this is bad for his skin.

#3 Cleanse and Moisturize the Skin

Babies might not be dirty, but you still need to wash them regularly. Bathing an infant is very relaxing, and it helps to remove the excess oils and prevent his delicate skin from drying out which can lead to cradle cap. Use warm and not hot water to wash the baby and fragrance-free baby soap. After the bath, you should always remember to moisturize his skin because this helps to replenish the oils that the child loses and to create a protective barrier. Also, make sure that you choose moisturizers that are fragrance-free and do not contain any harmful preservatives and moisturize his skin at least twice per day.

#4 Wash All Clothes before Wear

Babies have very sensitive skin, and so you should always make sure that you wash everything before they wear it. Most parents tend to think that new clothes do not require any washing as they look clean and neat when on the pack. It is worth knowing that the fabrics that make the clothes undergo different chemical treatments to achieve the right textures and color, and so it is vital to wash the clothes so as to get rid of the chemical residues. To keep the baby’s skin healthy you should wash all clothes and towels with a mild baby detergent and sun-dry them before the baby has to use or wear them.

#5 Cover Him up When Going Out

The sun is not always safe for your child, and so if you must take him to the park, you should make sure that you do not expose him to a lot of it. However, since you will be outdoors, you should make sure that you do not cover him up with too many layers of clothes to avoid overheating which is also not good for his skin. Sometimes a good stroller is enough to prevent direct exposure to the sun. Also, you should remember to apply some sunscreen on him every time you are going out because it will work as a barrier from the harmful rays. It is important to make sure that the sunscreen does not have any harsh chemicals that can affect the child’s skin and also that it has a high SPF (Sun Protector Factor). 

The five easy and actionable tips above will help ensure that you give your child’s skin the best care. However, you still need to know how to identify the common skin problems that he can get because they can still occur even if you take all the precaution. Knowing the appearance of these conditions is vital, but you should also research on the home remedies and treatments that you can use to cure them.

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I am Regina, a blogger at  Mom Discuss. I love providing many useful tips and guides for all parents or to-be parents on pregnancy stages and baby care.

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