Zoonicorns & The #Zoonicorn App Help Stop Bedtime Battles

 All my boys at one point in their lives have needed a lovie to help them sleep. My youngest who’s now 5 still needs one.  Zoonicorns are a great way to help the little ones sleep. 

Zoonicorns and the Zoonicorn app make bedtime battles a thing of the past!


Picture courtesy of ChicExecs PR

Usually, when a kiddo doesn’t want to get into bed, it’s because they’re afraid of what they’ll be missing out on. Put their minds at ease with the Zoonicorn friends, who will meet them in dreamland for all kinds of fun. Zoonicorns come as loveable stuffed animals that your child can play with, and with their free app, your child can be connected into their land with even more adventures.

Make Bedtime Easier With Zoonicorns

Help your little darling drift off into dreamland with their Zoonicorn friends

Send your little one straight to sleep with the magical world of Zoonicorns. In this dream-filled digital app, your kiddo can connect with the mystical Zoonicorn – part zebra, part unicorn – to go on countless adventures where they learn valuable lessons in friendship, kindness and compassion. Then, when it’s time for their head to hit the pillow, they can snuggle with their Zoonicorn stuffy and know they’re off to dreamland to meet the Zoonicorn friends.

Zoonicorn app

Picture courtesy of ChicExecs PR

Zoonicorn began with the idea to create a unique, plush toy for children that would be educational for kids and entertaining for adults. With a collection of four adorable characters, the Zoonicorns have expanded their universe through interactive journeys in their new, FREE app. With these enchanting creatures, your imaginative child can feel connected to a whole new set of loveable, unique best friends.

Explore the unlimited escapades your little one can experience:

  • Aliel’s Hidden Object: Help Aliel find all the hidden objects located within the picture in a race against the clock! This fun, exciting game is great for all ages.
  • Valeo’s Adventure: Valeo needs your help! Adventure through the world of dreams while collecting stars and avoiding dangerous creatures in this creative, challenging romp for players of every skill level.
  • The Tag Along: Come along on another exciting interactive story with the Zoonicorns! After being left by her brother, Mia the fisher befriends the magical pals and goes on the journey of a lifetime. Together, they learn to face their fears and how to deal with growing up and developing relationships.
  • Friends Through the Storm: In this fun feat, the Zoonicorns meet Jomi, a red panda who is terrified of an upcoming thunderstorm. Watch as your kiddo learns to conquer his or her own fears through the educational journey in this adventurous app.

What are you waiting for? Zoonicorn helps your child to get some shut eye by making bedtime fun! Instead of fighting sleep, they’ll look forward to meeting their new Zoonicorn friends in dreamland.

Zoonicorns kid-friendly apps can be used on both Android and IOS and are available through the Apple App Store and Google Play. The plush Zoonicorn animals are available through Amazon, as well as the Zoonicorn website.
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