Carnival Hot Cocoa From Brooklyn Bean Roastery

carnival hot cocoa from brooklyn bean roastery

Carnival Hot Cocoa From Brooklyn Bean Roastery

We constantly drink hot cocoa in my house. Mainly because of the boys, they especially love flavored hot cocoa. When we received our box of Carnival Hot Cocoa – Salted Caramel flavor we were excited. 

This flavored hot cocoa has a smooth salted caramel flavor that is perfect. You know that flavor when a salted caramel is melting in your mouth as you’re eating it? Well that’s the exact flavor of this hot cocoa. I love that it’s sweet enough that we don’t have to add anything to it. Yet it’s not overly sweet. This is definitely one flavor of hot cocoa that we will continue to buy for our home. 

carnival hot cocoa from brooklyn bean roastery

You can find Brooklyn Bean Roastery Carnival Hot Cocoa on Amazon.

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Product Description

Who doesn’t love eating gooey caramel candy or freshly made caramel popcorn at the local carnival? This salted caramel hot cocoa combines these sweet and salty notes with creamy chocolate flavor. It’s all the stuff you like about the carnival, minus those creepy carnies trying to guess your weight. 

  • Salted caramel flavored hot cocoa is like a carnival in a cup
  • Creamy hot chocolate made with real cocoa
  • Each cup brews a perfect individual serving (8 ounce setting recommended)
  • Product contains milk and soy
  • Compatible with Keurig Original K-Cup Brewers, not compatible with Keurig 2.0 Brewers

Would you like to win a box of Carnival Hot Cocoa? Well you can enter the giveaway by clicking on the picture below.

carnival hot cocoa giveaway

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