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whiffer sniffers stocking stuffers

Whiffer Sniffers are adorable scented plush characters with quirky personalities to match their scents.


My boys especially the younger two are obsessed with backpack clips. Any sorts, any type, if they can clip it on their backpacks then they want it! That’s why Whiffer Sniffers are such a big hit with them! I had not heard of them before this holiday season. But now that we know about them were hooked! 

I couldn’t believe that now they have come out with their 3rd series of clips. Especially because I had not heard of them. However now that I have had the chance to see and receive some, I understand why they have come so far! 

We received a couple holiday clips, a couple series 2 clips and a few series 3 clips

whiffer sniffers series 3 clips

From series 3 we received the following (from left to right):

Willy B. Chilly: This one was my absolute favorite! I love the scent of this sno-cone. One whiff and it took me back to my childhood! Willy loves the heat of summer & is always the center of attention around the neighborhood pool. Everyone’s drawn to Willy’s colorful personality; he really is the life of a party & the hotter the summer is, the cooler Willy gets.

Willy is cool, but he is also very sweet. You will fall in love when you get a whiff of this icy treat! Mixed fruit scented clip (Scent lasts at least a year!)

Chunky Chuck: This one is Matias’ favorite. If I hadn’t seen it first I would have thought Mattie took a bite out of it. It has such a yummy chocolaty chip cookie scent! Chunky Chuck is a sweet guy with an even sweeter tooth. Chuck loves chocolate chunks & just about everything to do with chocolate. He always has candy on hand & loves to share it with his friends, just don’t take his chocolate, okay?

Chunky Chuck is the sweetest smelling fellow around. You could sell his chocolate chip scent by the pound! Chocolate chip cookie scented clip (Scent lasts at least a year!)

Georgia: Here is a peach that I would love to take a bite of. I love peaches and this one has such a sweet scent! She’s a peach all right, straight ‘outta Georgia. This girl loves southern hospitality & friendliness & is all about peachy good times. When she sees something she likes, she’s known for saying her favorite expression “That’s just peachy!”

Georgia smells almost good enough to eat, but she is meant to be seen. Clip her onto your backpack and everything will be peachy keen. Peach scented clip (Scent lasts at least a year!)

Doughy Dave: This is an adorable pudgy gingerbread man. He smells absolutely delicious and just like the holidays. Sometimes the apple really does fall far from the tree. In fact, this crazy and loveable goof ball stumbles a bit in most things that he does, but Adam Apple is never down for long. He enjoys life as much as he can and when he does fall he just reminds himself that nobody is perfect.

Doughy Dave scent is spicy and sweet. This little gingerbread man is a real treat! Gingerbread scented clip (Scent lasts at least a year!)

whiffer sniffers series 2 clips

From series 2 we received the following (from left to right):

Sugar Cake: This is another one of my favorites. It has such a sweet scent to her. The icing makes the cake, or cupcake in this case. Before going out the door, Sugar Cake spends each morning making sure her icing is just perfect. A dollop here, a sprinkle there, everything ingredient has to be in its place before she set steps out for the day. It may take her a while, but looking your best means you’re dressed for success.

Y’all are just gonna love the sweet strawberry cupcake scented Sugar Cake! Strawberry cupcake scented clip (Scent lasts at least a year!)

Billy Bluesberry: This was Aaron’s favorite! Aaron loves blueberries and this one has such a blueberry delicious scent to it. From horns, to drums, singing and the sax, music has always come naturally to Billy. He’s quick to share his gift with those that are willing to pick up an instrument and learn or those that just want to hear some good tunes. You know it’s going to be a wonderful day of sweet tunes and fun when you have Billy Bluesberry around.

Billy Bluesberry is a jazzy fellow with a scent that is sweet, smooth, and mellow! Blueberry scented clip (Scent lasts at least a year!)

whiffer sniffer series 1

We also received this adorable series 1 little Christmas tree cookie clip.

Kris Krumbles: This clip is not only cute but smells like a really sweet cookie. The smell of homemade frosted sugar cookies will remind you of being home for the holidays! Clip Kirs Krumbles onto your bag and home will never seem far away!

Get this limited edition holiday clip wile you can! Frosted sugar cookie scented clip (Scent lasts at least a year!)

All of the Whiffer Sniffers backpack clips come perfectly packaged in adorable giftable clear containers. These containers are also perfect for storing and displaying your collection. 

Aside from backpack clips Whiffer Sniffers also has adorable Super Sniffers which are plushies. I would love to see how those smell! They also sell scented stickers!

whiffer sniffers logo

Check out the Whiffer Sniffers website to see all their great products! You can also socialize with Whiffer Sniffers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

Want to win 3 series 3 clips? Just click on the giveaway picture below!

whiffer sniffers holiday giveaway

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