Magformers – 2016 Kids Holiday Gift Guide Idea

 magformers kids gift idea

Magformers – Intelligent Magnetic Construction Set For Brain Development


Building toys are huge in my house.  My boys love to build things, even with cardboard boxes I get in the mail.  I know it’s not just a bit thing since my niece is the same way whenever she visits.  

That’s why I am always looking for great building toys to add to our collection.  Last Christmas Santa got the boys the 100 piece Magformers set and they absolutely love it.  So it’s no surprise that this year they’ll be getting another Magformers set.

I’m specifically talking about the Space WOW Set. This is a 22 piece set that is ideal for kids ages 3 and older.  I really like that just like our other set this one helps kids understand 3D building.  And because the pieces are big and sturdy birth my nieces  (ages 1 & 5) can play with them.

This particular set comes with 22 magnetic pieces, 20 model build instruction cards, 7 planar figure instruction cards and 9 puzzle cards.

magformers kids gift idea

The construction pieces are made of strong plastic and contain strong magnets, letting children make a range of 2D and 3D shapes and vehicles.  My boys are going to love that the Magformers Space WOW Set comes complete with a space man.

Magformers have a wide range of sets from the ‘My First’ through to themed Dinosaur and Construction Vehicle sets, Princess sets and even a Sweet House set.

Visit the  Magformers website to find out more information about this and other sets. Get social with Magformers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube.

Magformers are available on the Magformers website, Target and Amazon to name a few.

About the product.

Build spaceships and rockets with Magformers Space WOW 22Pc Set. Beginner builders can blast into space with the new astronaut character! Add antenna and wheels to create space buggy or search for extra-terrestrial life by building a space station. Great for young minds to learn about constructing cube nets, patterns, shapes and colors!

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