Brackitz – 2016 Kids Holiday Gift Guide Idea

brackitz kids gift idea

Brackitz Driver Set – Great gift for kids.


My boys love toys they can build with. So when I heard about Brackitz I knew it would be a hit! I love toys that fire up their imaginations. Brackitz toys do exactly that, they open up their imagination! I want to talk to you about the Brackitz driver set.

This year my 5th grader is taking engineering and the driver set is a great fit! The Brackitz Driver Set has 43 pieces to build a car that really drives! We have other Brackitz sets and they are among the favorites for my boys. Not just because they look cool, but because they are durable. Which is perfect for lots of reuse and play time. That is a really great thing because Brackitz can be used in a lot of different ways.

brackitz driver set

The Driver 43 Piece set includes:

6 Long Blue Planks
4 Short Blue Planks
4 Blue 4-Way Connectors
2 Orange 4-Way Connectors
2 Red 3-Way Connectors
4 Yellow 3-Way Connectors
2 Magenta Motion Connectors
4 Wheels
1 Spool
2 Long Axles
2 Short Axles
4 4-Way Hubs
4 3-Way Hubs
2 Rubber Bands

As you can see the Brackitz Driver Set is a really complete set. I truly believe that Brackitz are a great gift idea for any kid who loves to build. They have several different sets that have special pieces to build all sorts of different things. What we truly like is that all of the sets work together to build even bigger creations.

brackitz logo

You can get all the Brackitz sets on the Brackitz Website, Target and Amazon.

Connect with Brackitz on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube.

About the product.

Unique connect-anywhere system. 
Allows builders of all ages to design and construct any structure they can imagine. 
Fun for all ages – simple enough for young children, expands as they grow older, even adults!
Collaborative – children learn social skills through play.
Learn through play – engineering, math, art, architecture, science.
Used in classrooms, pre-k through high school, museums and homes around the world.
Strong and Durable – build gravity-defying 3-D structures.
Made in the USA.

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