#PercyVites Personalized Video Invitations Review

PercyVites Personalized Video Invitations Review

PercyVites Gave My Birthday A Great Touch With Their Personalized Video Invitations!


I absolutely love Shopkins! So when I heard that PercyVites now had Shopkins invitations I just had to use them for my birthday! I had never used PercyVites before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect! When I first took a look at their website I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were video invitations. I honestly had no idea how cute they really were.

PercyVites video invitations

As you can see in the screenshot above, they offer kids themes and grown up themes. They had a banner for the Shopkins invitations so I immediately clicked on it!

PercyVites Shopkins Invitations

I could choose between invitations and thank you videos. And at only $0.79 cents each, I think it’s a great bargain! The video invitations are personally addressed to each guest. There is also a dashboard where you can keep track of your invitations.

PercyVites Shopkins invitations

After choosing what type of invitation you want, you enter the event details.

PercyVites Shopkins Invitations

Next up is the address of the event.

PercyVites Shopkins Invitations

If you have a special message for your guests, you enter that next.

PercyVites Shopkins Invitations

I then uploaded a picture for the video!

PercyVites Shopkins Invitations

Up next I entered when I wanted the invitations sent, the guest’s names and emails.

PercyVites Shopkins Invitations

Then I got to confirm all my event details, preview my video invitation and checkout!

PercyVites Shopkins Invitations

At the checkout screen is where you can enter a promo code, login or create an account. You are definitely going to want to create an account since that’s how you can keep tract of your invitations.

You can pay with a credit card or PayPal. Once I paid it just took a little while for PercyVites to review my image and all of the event details. Once all that was done, PercyVites makes the invitations. They then email them on the date you specified.

PercyVites Shopkins Invitations

I sent an invite to myself so I could see what my guests would receive. It’s an email that let me know I was sent a video invitation, the details of the event and the link to see the video.

PercyVites Shopkins Invitations

Once I clicked the link it took me to the PercyVites website to view my video invitation and respond the RSVP.

The video is super adorable!! Here is a sample of an invitation.

And here is a sample of a thank you.

They are the absolute cutest! I loved the level of personalization for the invitations. And even more for the thank you ones. Because those you can personalize even more! 

I am so in love with PercyVites and their video invitations! The level of quality is amazing and I am extremely happy! 

Check out all that PercyVites has to offer on their website, and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+.

PercyVites logo

About PercyVites (from their website)

PercyVites is a product of Percy3D, a video personalization company founded in 2010 and based in Toronto, Canada. 

With PercyVites we’ve created an innovative line of personalized video invitations and thank you videos for kids starring your child’s favorite characters, your child’s photo, and all of their party details and we’ve also got a growing line of adult themes for a variety of occasions. PercyVites videos can be played on smartphones, tablets, home computers, and connected TVs and provide a unique, immersive experience that will enhance your party communications and help set the tone for a memorable celebration.

PercyVites helps you manage all of your party details. Party management tools are included so that you can manage all of your RSVPs, add invitees, include comments, and provide mapping and calendar information for your guests.

We’re proud of our products and want you to be delighted with your PercyVites experience. We’d really like to hear from you so please contact us with any questions or comments.


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