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kiddy connects-advance review edushape

Edushape Kiddy Connects-Advance Review

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My 5 year old loves to build. He will use anything to build his creations. But he really likes toys that let him use his creativity. So when we received the tub of the Edushape Kiddy Connects-Advance he was excited! He couldn’t wait to put them to use, and opened the tub right away. 

Edushape Kiddy Connects-Advance is a more challenging version of Kiddy Connects. And utilizes additional shapes to develop greater reasoning and logic, via shapes that go beyond the 90 degree limit of standard Kiddy Connects. 

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These fun shapes come in clear tub that makes storing easy. We liked that the lid has a handle which makes taking it every where a breeze. At first he took them all out and took a look at the booklet that comes inside the tub. He made a lot of the patterns that are in the booklet. Then he decided he wanted to make a crown. As you can see in the picture above he was very happy with his crown. I liked at how well they keep Matt entertained. While playing with these he will sit for very long periods of time building, tearing down, and building again.

The Edushape Kiddy Connects-Advance is a very sturdy and fun toy! It would definitely make a great gift for any child. These are excellent for building attention span and working on problem solving. The pieces are very lightweight, but I view this as a pro, as it makes them easy to manipulate by little hands. I am thinking about buying another set, or even a complimentary set, to expand the types of creations Matt can create. 

About Edushape

The main focus of EDUSHAPE® is to manufacture quality children’s toy and products. We are committed to producing safe, quality children’s toys which ultimately promote successful developmental learning through play.

Visit the Edushape website to take a look at all of their wonderful products. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Instagram.

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