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infused water pitcher

Infused Water Pitcher: Best for Fresh Healthy Homemade Fruit Flavored Infusion Drinks, Iced Juice & Beverages.


If you guys follow me on Instagram, you know that I love infusing my water. So I was excited to get to try out this infused water pitcher from Gear Ultimate. This larger-sized pitcher is definitely my favorite! Mainly for the reason that it’s BIG! It can hold 93 Oz (3 Quarts). If you’re going to go through the effort of making a batch of fruit infused water, you want to get a lot out of it, right? It’s also handy to be able to take this attractive acrylic pitcher from the refrigerator and put it right on the kitchen table.

infused water pitcher

What is the best fruit to use in a infuser water pitcher?

Any fruit will work as long as you can cut it into small enough pieces to fit in the infusion chamber.

One of my favorite infused waters to make in this pitcher is a refreshing Pineapple Mint Water. What you do is add pieces of pineapple, lots of fresh mint and a couple cinnamon sticks. Just let it sit overnight in the fridge and you’re all set.

Another great infused water is a Strawberry Detox Water. For this refreshing water you just need to put sliced strawberries and torn mint leaves into an infused water pitcher. Fill with fresh, (preferably) filtered water and stir. Then refrigerate for an hour or better yet overnight to let the flavors infuse. Pour over ice and serve!

The best part is that the pitcher can be refilled with fresh water using the same mint and strawberries a couple of times. I like a strong taste in my water so I use lots of strawberries and mint! 

You can get this great infused water pitcher on Amazon.

Product Description

Are You Looking for a Tasty and Healthy Alternative to Sugary Pop and Sodas?Want to Create Awesome Tasting Fruit Infused Beverages At Home With Ease?

The Gear Ultimate Infused Water Pitcher is your answer!

Made with BPA-free, food-safe, shatterproof acrylic, it is perfect for creating refreshing healthy homemade infused drinks. It’s a safe, fun way to hydrate and detox. Use it to reward your body with natural minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants from favorite fruits, increase your metabolism and support your immune system.

Why Is It The Best Choice For You?

The Complete Bundle for Easy Infused Drinks: You get an Infused Water Pitcher, a removable infuser tube & a freezable ice tube which stays frozen longer than ice cubes for superior cooling performance. BONUS: Infused Water Recipes eBook with 30 delicious recipes

  • Great Design: Beautiful, contemporary, sleek design, made from clear acrylic for an enticing view. Large, easy-to-grip handle and secure lid
  • Generous Size: Large enough to serve yourself/guests, and can be refilled for 2-3 days without replacing fruits
  • Safe & Durable: Made from non-toxic, BPA-free shatterproof acrylic
  • Easy to Clean: Top-rack dishwasher safe, easy to hand wash & clean
  • The End of Bland Drinking: Add fruits or other flavor sources to your beverage daily
  • Perfect Gifts: Give someone you love the gift of hydration. It makes a lovely kitchen & home gift for housewarming parties, bridal registry, Mother’s Day, birthdays and more
  • Our Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will give you a full refundKeep hydrated and say goodbye to bottled water, artificial flavoring, sodas and sugar!

    Start making your own homemade, naturally flavored drinks the quick, fun way with your Gear Ultimate Infused Water Pitcher today!

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  1. michelleoblogoff

    I am lucky my kids love plain old water but this would be a fun “treat” to enjoy! Thanks!


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